Sunday, October 9, 2016

LSTA pushing to use BOE buses that are sitting empty

The LSTA who is responsible for all non public mandated busing is still short on routes for 7000 students both mandated and non mandated. There is a  shortage of buses and drivers which only make matters worse. The BOE purchased school buses HERE at double the market price with tax payer money approved by the state monitor. The BOE buses are only picking up mandated routes of the public school students which makes their rund take longer and kids are getting to public school 40 minutes to an hour late. Lakewood attorney Michael Inzelbuch is now preparing a lawsuit against those running the Lakewood school district demanding answers to why hundreds of mandated public school kids and thousands of mandated non public kids still do not have busing. 
The other big question at hand is, why is the township paying for courtesy busing for only public school kids and not private school kids?

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  1. There is a new website devoted to Take Back Lakewood. There is detailed information on the 4 meetings that will take place at the end of this month and on exactly how the public can help by attending those 4 meetings in large numbers. The committee and board members have said that if people come to the meetings and speak up then they will listen.

    Please share this website with everyone on whatsapp groups and other social media avenues so that we can have a large showing at each of the 4 meetings at the end of this month.