Thursday, October 6, 2016

Lakewood: A town where every child can walk to school

Sounds too good to be true?? your right its not Lakewood, NJ but Lakewood, Ohio. You might not expect something revolutionary to come out of a Cleveland suburb, but this video by Streetfilms would say otherwise. Lakewood, OH is a "walking school district." The town has never, in its history, owned schoolbuses, so streets are designed to ensure that every child can walk or bike to school. Maybe that's not terribly revolutionary; after all, walking and biking to school used to be commonplace. But somewhere in the second half of the
twentieth century, when other school districts began building large campuses on the edge of town and busing children for 40+ minutes each way, Lakewood resisted the tide shift and continued to structure their district around the concept of walking.
Not only does this mean that children get healthy exercise each morning and afternoon, plus communal time with their peers and families who walk with them, the following video explains, "Lakewood City School District spokesperson Christine Gordillo estimates the policy saves them about one million dollars annually."


  1. This could never work in Lakewood, NJ because everyone needs to send their kids to the school that subscribes to their "hashkafa".
    Especially the chasidim and ultra yeshivish.

  2. A little closer to home I think passaic nj also has a similar policy