Thursday, October 27, 2016

Lakewood school District spends more tax money, goes over budget, asks voters to give them even more

The Lakewood township School district borrowed $6 million from the state  for a shortfall in the budget. At the same time the district cut courtesy busing and purchased or leased 50 buses and counting for its mandated routes at above market value. Now the district is asking voters in a ballot question for an additional million per year for the next few years to repay the loan. The district and BOE have no right to tax more then the cap of 2%. When you go over budget you have to make cuts there is no right to spend money you dont have. The district just paid its last installment for the buses at a price of f $811,259.90 for the lease of another 10 buses. From the minutes of the previous BOE meeting.
 Approval for municipal leasing consultants to pay H. A. Dehart & son for the purchase and receipt of 10 School Buses in the amount of $811,259.90 in accordance with the Lease Agreement. This is the third and final payment.
Additionally, the district spent hundreds of thousands on purchases above market value all under the approval of state appointed monitors who are not representing the tax payers. 


  1. Meanwhile, in other news today, Trump just opened Trump International Hotel in Washington DC ahead of schedule and UNDER BUDGET.
    Politicians, on the other hand, love to overspend taxpayer money.

  2. Why doesnt lakewood BOE have what many other BOEs have (neptune has it!)? That is in order to enroll you need to show a CO from your residence?