Sunday, October 9, 2016

Lakewood news briefs

-All day learning program today Yarchei Kallah at Ateres Yeshaya B''M entire Lakewood community invited to join.

-Bikur Cholim raffle winner Prize #1 - Succos Raffle Ticket  R' Mendel Nojovitz

-Shiva info-  R' Kalman Janowsky is sitting shiva for his mother a''h till Sunday morning after 7 am shachris  at 38 south bell ave-in R' Treffs campus. Will be in Miami rest of shiva.

-2 incidents this past Friday in Lakewood of black driver in pickup truck luring kids into vehicle with candy.

-Chestnut Esrogim last day to order Arbah minim place order HERE

-Rabbi Yechiel Spero an evening of inspiration for women tonight Oct 9 8:45 at Ateres Reva hall 500 Summer Ave, Lakewood $15 admission A project of ladies auxillry of yeshiva shaagas Aryeh

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