Sunday, October 30, 2016

Lakewood Links

A more detailed discussion on the Takeback Lakewood movement HERE on Dans Deals Forums. 

Lakewood jobs postings on Twitter. Looking forward to helping the Lakewood, NJ community with jobs, one job at a time! have a job offer? post it HERE .

-Cops to enforce carpool rule on Staten Island expressway HOV lane. State troopers will patrol the HOV lane, ticketing violators and discouraging any vehicle without three passengers from entering the lane in the first place

Gas tax going into effect Tuesday fill up one last time.

The Great big Challa bake coming to Lakewood


  1. I am not sure how l comparing my years of effort to prevent all the damage that has been done to this town is a "scorched earth " style of politics. Everyone that knows what has been going on knows that I never tried to hurt anyone's livelihood all these years. I have never opposed anyone's personal projects on property that they owned,no matter how bad an idea it was. That is a fact . So the only way I can see that you KinderLach can perceive me as a "scorched earth " type of person is due to the fact that I do not hide my opinions. I do not post anonymous letters. If I believe something is right ,I put my name on it and suffer the consequences. I suggest you kids do the same if you want anyone to take you seriously.
    Now that all that is out of the way. I think you need to know one important fact. If all that is built in the future is housing that is already approved, Lakewood will be unliveable beyond your wildest imaginations. Simply slowing growth and no longer approving subdivisions and variances is a band aid on a festering gaping wound. A Moratorium is the only solution at this point and it is legal and can be done. 6 years ago when I was warning everyone that we would be suffering extremely higher taxes and a lower quality of life, I was laughed at. Keep laughing.

  2. Her Herchel I think you would win if you ran in this climate. When is the next election?

  3. I checked out that Dans Deal forum, and either many members of the Vaad are posting on there, or a bunch of clueless people.

    I agree with Most of Takeback Lakewoods points, if not all, but if he plans on becoming absorbed by the Vaad, or working with M&M it will accomplish nothing..

    the way that Lakewood is setup, where members of Township Committee don't get paid, it will only attract retirees and people with ulterior motives. Lakewood needs a Mayor who gets paid a respectable salary.

    I think it's possible to work with some people on the committee, others have to go, the problem is, no qualified person would want to waste there time on the committee.

    As far as HH as a candidate, I have a real problem with his infatuation with Downtown. I am not interested in the Township spending millions of Dollars on the Downtown (Although given a choice between a Baseball stadium, or airport hangars, and downtown, I would give Downtown precedence. those chickens have already flown the coup)

  4. I would never have wasted lakewood taxpayer monies on the downtown. Everything I ever proposed did not cost lakewood taxpayers anything. Whatever was state funded (the parking lots) was done at a fraction of the usual wasteful cost. 122 spaces that created an escape route through the parking lots,reducing gridlock on clifton, cost less than 1.5 million with the land, while 45 spaces on fifth street cost over 3.5 million and connects nobody to anything . As far as the downtown is concerned I gave up long ago. It's over thanks to our committee that would rather fill strip malls than see a vibrant proud downtown that we already have and only needs some effort to clean up and enforce laws to become viable again. Just recently, proposed new garbage cans? Free. Tree removal, no cost other than time from our public works. Enforcement of sign ordinances? Free. Requiring a home for mental patients to chaperone their wards? Free. Much needed street repair? Not free but very necessary. Again,if you don't make sure the downtown is maintained,what part of town do you maintain? That is the face of our town,like it or not. Either fix it up or knock it down and let the forest grow in its place.

  5. What's this about enforcing Staten island HOV lane. Its not HOV, its an off duty cops and their wives and girlfriend's lane.