Sunday, October 9, 2016

צרכי עמך מרובים

With  yom tov approaching there are families who are struggling to make ends meet. Its time to help out the many yechidim who have no where to turn and are too embarrassed to ask. The sky rocketing tax hikes is only making matters worse, add the new gas tax expense, and those who have no busing losing pay at work for coming late. Its time to focus all our tzedakas on עניי עירך. Many of these families are not known to the Gaboei tzadaka and are on nobody's list. If you think of a neighbor a relative or friend that  are struggling or have been laid off recently, try to help them out in a bakovodiker way. Adopt your neighbor, adopt your friend, adopt your brother. Donate to local Lakewood Tzedakos below:

Local mishpachos in Lakewood Ahavas chesed HERE
Lakewood youngeleit Kupas tzedaka for yom tov HERE
Yad Yisrael of Lakewood call to donate 732-901-0055
Ahavas Tzedaka of Lakewood HERE


  1. Who do we call to help someone to receive help ?

  2. Tomchei shabbos