Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Williams street will be closed over Rosh Hashana

LPD-Williams Street closed again? Yes, for your maximum convenience.
The Lakewood Police Department has announced that Williams Street will be closed between Omni Court and Prospect Street from Saturday, October 1st through Tuesday October 4th. Paving crews require four consecutive work days in order to complete significant roadwork on that stretch of roadway. The pavement will be milled, paved and winterized. This will eliminate potholes and other difficulties on the road for the long term, with no additional road work or closures expected within the foreseeable future.

Police Chief Gregory Meyer sees this as an exciting development for area residents and commuters, who faced a significant amount of road work and closures in recent months. “This is the final bump in the road for Williams Street, pardon the pun,” says Chief Meyer.

The dates of the upcoming closures were selected in order to minimize its impact on area residents and commuters. Three of the four days are over the Rosh Hashana holiday, when a majority of area residents do not travel in motor vehicles. The remaining day, Sunday, has significantly reduced traffic, since most schools and many businesses are closed. We will have off duty police officers directing traffic to assist vehicular and pedestrian traffic along with the Departments Traffic and Safety Bureau assisting the Chief said.


  1. So then why was it closed today?????

  2. Thank you so much to an unnamed developer for knocking down 4 houses on Williams and building 12 in their place. 24 families, 48 cars. Ahhhhhh

  3. For Rosh Hashana? it's been closed for weeks already

  4. I am with the other commenters on here. Do they realize how dumb this "press release" sounds when Williams has been closed for the last week?

  5. Business closed on Sunday? Really?