Thursday, September 29, 2016

Video: US 9 Corridor Study Meeting Lakewood NJ 09 28 16

Video courtesy of First Amendment activist


  1. The point of this meeting was to tell the gullible people of Lakewood that a few small changes will be able to handle all future construction.
    I can assure you Rte 9 will only get worse. They are also not discussing the out-of control traffic that is choking out other streets. Keep in mind that the streets that have out of control traffic were completely passable all times of day only a few years ago. With the rate of building as it is you can expect to spend a large portion of your life in traffic.
    Also understand that this is not commuter traffic which is understandable. This is traffic all the time, everywhere that you live.

  2. Traffic traffic traffic

    As the presenter said, it's only getting worse because our town foolishly approves more and more dense housing

  3. What happen to having everyone actually showing up and showing that we CARE about this and trying to get across the point that the only eitza is to widen and add lanes in both directions