Sunday, September 18, 2016

Video: Township commitee meeting 9/15/16- township minimizes public comments

42:15 Townsship trying to shut down public speaking and input by enacting 5 minute cap on 2nd reading of Ordinance.
27:20 Resident asks Township to abolish the zoning board
4:09 500k  bid to Cheder Bnei Torah
10:20 580k sold to Cheder Bnei Torah
14:00 547K Rabbi Sanders gives township extra $100
15:40 538K Rabbi Sanders

First Amendment activist Lakewood, NJ


  1. We are treated like FOOLS by the Powers that be

  2. Time to change form of government!

  3. 23:20 – resident opposing dismissal of rent control board.
    26:20 - resident opposing dismissal of rent control board.
    27:40 – resident asks if township can dismiss the zoning board.
    31:55- Lichtenstein recuses himself from the Oak Street Corridor ordinance
    33:15 – Mr. Pencil Esq. speaks about changes forced by the planning board to the ordinance
    36:14 – Mrs. Denardo Esq. – regarding the illegality of the CAFRA permits of the Oak Street Corridor project.
    42:18 - resident opposing the five minute cap on public speaking. Coles opposed. Lichtenstein recused himself. Sadly enough- Delia, Miller and Ackerman approved. Motion approved.
    46:07- resident opposing dismissal of rent control board.
    48:23 – township appoints Lichtenstein as permanent member of MUA board. All approve.

  4. What does Lichtenstien have to do with Oak street corridor that he

  5. Letter that was in the voice this week!
    please post ty!
    this is long so will come in parts!

    Dear Lakewood Residents,
    As you all know, Lakewood has experienced explosive growth. I watch all of the Zoning and Planning Board meetirgs, and I am astounded at high density plans that seem to get approval for no rhyme or reason. Old single- family houses are knocked down to be replaced by culde-sacs with seven homes. Forget duplexes, now there are triplexes. A single property can become three upstairs and three downstairs apartments with nine to twelve cars. Blocks that used to contain 10 homes and 10 families suddenl|y host 20-35 homes with 40-75 families and 80-150 cars! Traffic is getting worse and worse. Simple streets that should take minutes to travel through are congested all day long. Why are all of these properties getting approved? It is sadly comical to watch as application after application is heard with the same planner standing before the board explaining why it should be approved. More often than not, a key part of the argument rests on the following;
    A) all we are asking for is a variance of seven feet (in the front and another 12 feet in the back and nine feet on each side etc). Yes, we need 25 parking spots, but please grant us just 18. Keep in mind that last week you approved a similar variance! I've been before this board so many times and they approved applications that pushed the line almost as far as this one, so that is now the new precedent. All I'm asking for now is to get just a small addition to that which I'm already "entitled.''
    B) This town has a housing shortage. We urgently need to help build more houses with higher density so that people have a place to live.

    1. I hope you didn't type this up from scratch. Here is an online link
      as well as

      Whoever hasn;t yet emailed the committee members please do!! They are getting numerous emails this week and the more the better!!

  6. C) The Master Plan calls for more high-density housing.
    If you twist the words in the Master Plan it practically requires you to approve this application because, after all, the Master Plan obviously wanted this and therefore it is obviously good for our town.
    In regard to point A, zoning laws were made for a reason.
    Builders should be required to, for the most part, conform to the laws. Can an occasional variance be requested and granted? Possibly, if circumstances warrant. However, that should be the exception and not the rule. Lately, every application has more variances with the assumption that they should surely be granted since it's Just a few feet here and there. However, it all adds up and makes a big
    difference. They've pushed the line so far and created new base lines, making hitting a home run far too easy.
    Regarding pointB, it seems that the majorityof new houses built are being marketed (and priced) to people who don't currently live in Lakewood. While I have nothing against people wanting to move here, Lakewood is by no means responsible to make changes to accommodate and enable hundreds of people to move here, further stretching out our already taught infrastructure. We talk about one day having 225K residents living in Lakewood, but why do we need to do that? Besides for available housing in Toms River, Jackson, Howell and Brick, why does Lakewood need to grow to 225K residents? What if there is simply no room? Is there really no where else for people to live? When will it end? Will we need to one day accommodate 500K, or can there be a point where we can say that we've run out of room? Why can't that point be now? Why the need to stretch to fill every lot with six to eight families? In regard to C, this is our chance. Every 10 years a new Master Plan is discussed, reviewed and adopted. The plan that is currently being drafted will pave the way for the next 10 years in Lakewood. Every allowance mentioned in there calling for more housing and higher density will be used by lawyers for the next decade to request more and more variances and approvals. We must all give input to our elected officials that we do not need Lakewood to grow
    to 225K residents (doubling our current size!).We need the Master Plan to carefully restrain further building and not allow rampant density to get worse.
    Who gains from all of the new construction? 1) Developers 2) Builders 3) realtors) lawyers 5) Professional Planners (remember - they are paid by their clients to explain how building a cul-de-sac where there was once a single house makes perfect sense) 6) People from New York who can't afford a house there but jump at the opportunity to buy a duplex in Lakewood for $650K.
    But who loses? All of the residents of Lakewood. Our quality of life goes drastically down as the traffic and congestion go up. Even people moving from Brooklyn will one day no longer want to come, as the congestion and poor quality of life will rival Brooklyn! So why do we need to wait until we get to that point? Why allow the city that we love and live in to spiral downward? Please stand up and make your voice heard:

  7. ' We DON'T want more density.
    ' We DON'T want to create new cul-de-sacs all over town.
    ' We DON'T want our quiet blocks to suddenly turn into feeders for dozens of new houses.
    . We DON'T need to be the haven to accommodate and invite people looking to escape congested cities only to lead
    to the ultimate congestion of our city.
    We WANT zoning laws to be strictly upheld.
    We WANT the new Master Plan to more strictly limit new building and not encourage more density.
    We WANT to reclaim our quality of life and not stand by watching a few people take it away from us.
    What can you do?
    E mail your committeemen:, , md',,
    Beg them to reconsider the status quo and take into account the needs of the majority of Lakewood's current residents before the pockets of a few builders and developers. And ifthey don't listen? There are plenty of others who would take their place on the committee in a heartbeat. Let this be the beginning of a movement: Take back Lakewood. it's almost 2017; let the voices of the public be heard. And if they are not heard through our current politicians, let's find
    others who agree to represent the majority and not just the power brokers.
    The movement starts now. What was once the "powerful and few'' against the "weak and many'' will now shift as the many (yes, that's me and you) exercise our collective voice.
    Email to share what you did and can do to reclaim our town.

  8. It is bad enough that we must suffer with a totally corrupt Township committee that does not take into consideration the needs of the people of Lakewood. We also have to sit and watch how they blatantly lie when they are caught red handed. The initial vote to dissolve the rent control board was done at the end of a meeting during summer vacation. It was never discussed publicly. It was voted on as an item that nobody noticed or knew what it was. The fact that they made up that all issues would go to the county rent control board was not an accident. That was a deliberate lie made in order to complete their plan. Now they got caught and the elaborate lies they needed to create to get out of it were bad enough, but now they act as if their original intention was to make the rent control board stronger! How shameful.

    You guys would make a Nazi propagandist so proud.
    You remind me of the old Cat and mouse cartoons where the cat catches the mouse and is about to eat him. The dog comes by and stares at the cat. The cat proceeds to pet the mouse and gives it a little kiss.
    Thank you Menashe and Meir for that little kiss. But really, enough of this stupidity already. We need honest communication. An open forum to solve the problems you two created. Stop wasting our time.

  9. To give some context to the Oak St. Corridor. 432 Park. Ave. is the highest residential building in the world at 1,396 feet, it consists of 104 residential condos.

    The Oak Street Corridor including basements will have about 720 units. The equivalent of almost 7x 432 Park Ave Skyscrapers.

  10. What happened to the ordinance to adopt new zoning maps?

  11. Welcome to Lakewood.
    We love Chassidim.
    Uman Noim Goroleinu.

  12. How to do business with a Governmental Agency?
    Reminds me of the Lakewood bids for a Governmental project.
    First contractor meets with the Official;
    Contractor # 1-My bid is one million dollars.
    Enters Contractor # 2- My bid for the project is Two Million Dollars. (Official) Why is your bid so much higher than # 1?
    I use better material and higher quality labor.... (Official) OH!
    Enter contractor #3- MY BID IS THREE MILLION DOLLARS.
    Official- WOW, Why so much more than the previous contractors?
    (Contractor #3) a)I'm experienced in dealing with Municipalities, b) 1 million for you, 1 million for me, 1 million for contractor #1.
    Of Course # 3 got the contract.

  13. Laurie Leeds did a very smart for hiring Michelle Donnato as her Attorney.

  14. Correction- 36:14 is Ms Michelle Donnato Esquire, Lavalette, NJ

  15. resident opposing the five minute cap on public speaking. Coles opposed. Lichtenstein recused himself.
    Lichtenstein can't stand up for what's right?
    There is too much at "steak".$$$$

    Lichtenstein has been recusing himself very often.
    To the Lakewood residents that means he's in with too many private interest groups.
    That's referred to as a conflict of interest to represent the taxpayers of Lakewood.
    Time to Step (recuse) down from Township Committee and all boards.

    1. Have no fear he is the township liaison to the masterplan committee. Talk about the fox watching the hen house.