Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Video: Master Plan Parks & Open Space Subcommittee 09 27 16

Video below courtesy of First Amendment Activist
4:00 – Flancbaum says subcommittee can recommend the township build new parks
4:15 – head of Jewish football league says his kids do not have where to play. Mentions Brook and Vine St parks. Mentions which ones are permit use only or soccer use only. Recommends to cancel the soccer only use.

8:15 – speak of expanding Vine St Park (John Patrick)
10:00- talk about prospect triangle area parks. 
14:20- talk about a recreation fee to each new home built to go towards a fund for building parks. 
16:20 – recommend that even small developments need a park. 
17:50 - member of public asks 
19:15- Nechama Morgan suggest planning a park for Drake and Cross because there will be future housing built in that area. 
23:10- suggest a bike lane on county line. Currently its right of way that developers would like to devour 
27:50 - Nechama Morgan mentions that the planning board unfortunately voted down the papa parks that would have been part of the Oak St Corridor plan.


  1. I do not know how long MS. Morgan has been living in Lakewood or what her credentials are, but her insistence throughout all these meetings that there will inevitably be much more housing in certain areas is quite a concern to taxpayers and residents of Lakewood.
    Perhaps she might think I am Naive. Perhaps she might think I have no idea how things "work" in Lakewood. But I do know one thing. The way things have "worked" for the past 15 years is about to end.
    The town will be demanding a total Moratorium on all large developments, an end to all major subdivisions. An end to multiple family houses replacing single family, and commercial strip malls where there is no traffic light. The planning and zoning board members should all be replaced.
    MS. Morgan, if these changes are not good for your business I suggest you seek a new form of employment.
    How many words a minute can you type?

    1. She works for all our the developers in town. It's in her best interest for the density to get even worse and worse.

    2. I don't think we need to sacrifice our quality of life and the safety of our children for her or her clients. The propaganda this girl is spewing is unbelievable.

      Building more housing is not inevitable. Developers cannot sue the Township. We can prove that any more building is a danger to the people of Lakewood. It needs to stop as soon as possible.

    3. I caught the part where she said that in the future there will be no more commercial properties on Prospect. But I wouldn't blame the person who does this for a living, just like I don't blame the builders. If they wouldn't be doing it, someone else would.

      The blame is squarely on the politicians who were elected to represent the wishes of the people, not the builders.

  2. Take Back Lakewood #3

    Dear Lakewood community,

    The Take Back Lakewood movement is really gaining steam. There are so many people who are fed up with sitting in traffic and congestion every day. There are so many people whose quality of life has gone down as their quiet neighborhoods turn into bustling overcrowded developments. They all thought that there was nothing that they can do and resigned themselves to even further crowding and high density. They thought that the developers have such strong ties to our elected officials and board members that there is nothing that can be done to stop them.

    They were wrong! After all, we elect our public officials. They place people on the planning and zoning boards. They perform illegal activities by downzoning and approving high density applications that don't fit with the charachter of the neighborhhods and are not in line with the master plan or with sanity. And they hurt all of the residents in Lakewood who are stuck with high density, bottlenecked roadways and an infrastructure that can't handle the current residents, much less the proposed doubling the amount of our current residents!!

    Together we can all change that. Many people are now joining a movement to change things. To stop down zoning. To stop high density. To stop building housing with the intent to crowd in as many people per acre as possible. Please email to get involved and to hear details on what you can do to get this important issue resolved. We can change the current path and we most definitely will!

    At the Density subcommitte meeting this week the members touted building up as a good solution. Why? WHY?? There is so much space available in all of the neighborhood towns. Let's spread out a little bit. As more and more people move into the neighboring towns they will become vibrant communities. There really is no need to stuff everyone into a little box if you can spread out. We live in NJ. There are dozens of towns in all directions where we can spread out. Lakewood is not some island like Manhattan where they can only build up!

    Let's join forces together and Take Back Lakewood!

  3. What we need is a viable candidate to run in Novemeber, otherwise rhetoric is worthless.

  4. Major chutzpah. I and my family live here for close to 40 years. You people moved here and now have housing and affected my quality of life when you moved 20 years after me. I did not complain. Now that you have houses ,you want to stop building so my children can't have houses near me. Maybe you should move out because you added to the density and created more traffic for me ? With your thinking ,I should have stopped you when you moved in.

    1. Your reasoning is flawed. People that want to live in or near lakewood will come as housing becomes available. People move, die, or downsize to other housing. There is no reason to build developments and advertise for people to move here. If you truly moved here 40 years ago write your name. Otherwise you are just some person that has a vested interest in continuing to build housing without any viable plan.

    2. Also,somebody that moved here 40 years ago would never use the expression "major chutzpa" you are at most in your early 40s. Did you buy a house when you were 3?

    3. the fact is that history has shown that the more dense housing is built, the more prices go up.
      so building more does not mean my kids will be able to live in Lakewood. In any case, they have already been priced out of the market - unless one of my still single kids marries rich. I have already resigned myself to that, and to the fact that i will probably have to eventually sell out to the chasidim and move somewhere else - just like what happened in Williamsburg, Boro Park, most of Monsey etc. Only problem is there's nowhere left to move.
      (I've lived in Lakewood for almost 30 years, by the way.)

    4. I love how real estate investors comment once in a while about needing houses for their children. the trend among younger couples is to not move to Lakewood.

      People want to live in a neighborhood where there will be children the same age as theirs. I haven't heard of any young couple who want to move to 14th St. in another few years,people don't want to move to Westgate, in another 5 to 120 years they won't want to move to Spruce St., and in 15 years Albert will be for older people.

      Add to that the density issues, and worst case scenario, Lakewood willeventually turn into Trenton, best case scenario, Williamsburg.

  5. thanks for the comment Mr. Lankry