Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Video: Lakewood Township committee meeting, enforce the 4 minute speaking rule

1:20- Maser plan advisory committee meetings violate open meetings act by keeping it in executive session.
4:08- Your 4 minutes are up
9:25- Why is Lakewood Township giving special treatment to Oak street Corridor developers 
11:30- No sidewalks on rt 9 its a safety issue
14:00 can we have more crossing guards at vine and Oak
19:00- State giving township hard time to install sidewalks


  1. Once again everyone belongs on camera except for the camera man himself. What's he ashamed of?

  2. Have you ever noticed that this chasidish cameraman takes a video of everyone speaking EXCEPT FOR HIMSELF?! What's up with that? What's his name? What does he have to hide?
    Can someone please go down there with a camera and start video taping him?