Thursday, September 1, 2016

Video: Kein Yirbu

After a caller to nj 101.5 stated that Orthodox Jews are having a lot of babies to overpopulate the World, Judi Franco decided to do the math to prove how crazy he is.


  1. Her math is ridiculous. She is assuming 3 million women. Well even if there are 3 million jewish females ,only 5 per cent are orthodox do that's 150,000. Out of those half are not child bearing age. So the real number might be 75000 as opposed to the 3 million number she uses. So it's closer to 4,000 babies needed per orthodox Jewish female than 100.

  2. Goyim don't have a mizva of פרו ורבו. Only Jews do. So actually Judi is wrong.

  3. Her math is INCORRECT.
    The caller was claiming that ORTHODOX women are having babies in order to take over the world.
    If we just focus on the US then the Orthodox population is at most 20% so that would mean about 1.2 million (IF there are 6 million Jews in the US).
    Half of 1.2 million = 600,000. So if ALL 600,000 ORTHODOX WOMEN were having babies to take over AMERICA, then they would need to have FIVE HUNDRED (500) BABIES EACH...!!!!

    1. Assuming each couple (2) has 9 children that population increases 4.5x each generation - say 20 years. If starting at 1.2 million, then it is 5.4 million in 20 years, 24.3 million in 40 years, 109 million in 60 years, 492 million in 80 years, 2.2 Billion in 100 years.