Monday, September 19, 2016

Video: having some fun


  1. How to do business with a Governmental Agency?
    Reminds me of the Lakewood bids for a Governmental project.
    First contractor meets with the Official;
    Contractor # 1-My bid is one million dollars.
    Enters Contractor # 2- My bid for the project is Two Million Dollars. (Official) Why is your bid so much higher than # 1?
    I use better material and higher quality labor.... (Official) OH!
    Enter contractor #3- MY BID IS THREE MILLION DOLLARS.
    Official- WOW, Why so much more than the previous contractors?
    (Contractor #3) a)I'm experienced in dealing with Municipalities, b) 1 million for you, 1 million for me, 1 million for contractor #1.
    Of Course # 3 got the contract.

  2. the only face video guy wont show is his own

    1. If you really want to see his face, go to any meeting, he is there,not hiding form anyone.

    2. Say the same about the board. The meetings are open and you can go see their faces.

    3. So go video him no one is stopping you. Not everyone has time to go to the meetings and he is doing a public service by posting them. If you feel it is necessary go and video. Start a channel labeled First amendment activist 1.1

    4. I don't care about there faces, I want to see each meeting. If you want to know who the videographer is, you only have to go once

  3. If they aren't doing anything wrong they should have no problem being video taped.This is not the first time that the Chairman has made negative comments regarding the cameras. If you are so afraid of being video taped for the public to see what you are doing then maybe you are doing something wrong!!

  4. 3 recent graduates CPA students applying for a job opening at a prominent Accounting firm.
    # 1 is asked what is 10 plus ten?, response 20.
    Thanks, please send in # 2.
    In walks number #2, he is asked what is 10 times 10?, response 100.
    Thanks, please send in # 3.
    #3 is asked how much is 100 minus 10?
    # 3 closes the door, closes the shades, etc
    and asks “what number are you looking for, i’ll figure out how to get it”
    # 3 got the job

  5. That is so funny. They are laughing all the way to the bank. Does anyone think that anyone on that board is there to protect the interests of the people? So why are they on there. No known of only one person that is there to help keep lakewood safe. They tried getting rid of him.

  6. To mr first amendment activist. Your a real tzadik. Hashem should bentch you. If anything ever changes for the better in this town it will be all thanks to you