Monday, September 19, 2016

Update:Take back Lakewood campaign


  1. I commend you on hopefully starting a movement to educate residents of Lakewood. Unfortunately, I think the current committee members are not salvageable.

    Even if they promise to limit building, I have no reason to assume we could trust them. They would use their last term in office to expedite their current plans as they know the end is near.

    What we need is a candidate to run against them. Unfortunately, this candidate would likely have to be independently wealthy, as the position doesn't pay much, and he wouldn't be making money from "other means"

    If someone steps forward, I am sure they would get a lot of support and plenty of donors to their campaign.

    1. I agree. We need to identify mainstream non controversial people that are willing to run and then I think with a few well thought out articles in local media they will present a voice of sanity and easily get the support of the community.

    2. Local media is not going to work, they won't publish it. It needs to be a guerilla campaign with letters on windshields, and robocalls.

      This candidate would have a common interest with the senior communities as well.

    3. the seniors (at least the minority of them who come to the meetings) only care about themselves. they tried to push through a senior duplex complex at the last zoning board meeting.
      we need new people - but must make sure they are not a front for "he who must not be named" like the currently most vocal individual is.

  2. Not true- Lakewood is a herd mentality.
    I, Yudel Shain tried to take back Lakewood over 10 years ago.
    Nobody joined nor was willing to step out of the "herd" in the 10 years.
    The Yeshivas VAAD will have your kids de-schooled-that ends it all.
    Work with the seniors, and clean the ENTIRE SLATE. EVERY-ONE MUST BE REPLACED.
    Don't even think that I may consider anything-i've done my service.
    If you live with garbage, you become garbage.
    All must be replaced as they lived with deep rooted corruption for so long.

  3. Over 10 years ago most residents in Lakewood got their information from signs hung in the coffee room, and the most heavily populated and desirable neighborhoods were walking distance to Yeshiva, much has changed since then.

    Over 10 years ago, the problems weren't so obvious, now they are unavoidable.

  4. We need someone like Trump!

  5. NOT JUST THE MEETINGS THAT YOU FIGURED OUT THE CORRUPTIOM (it's burried in there-you can be sure of that)

    Every meeting whether Township committee, zoning, planning, downtown development, LDC, Rent control, Master plan, sub-committees, sub-sub committees, etc EVERYONE must have public speakers to shake the walls of corruption.

  6. Who appointed the zoning board the twnshp committee who appointed the committeemen the vaad. Your real tana is on the vaad.