Monday, September 26, 2016

Township officials mum about upcoming rock concerts in Lakewood

Over 80,000 are expected to attend two back to back weekends of rock festivals at the blueclaws stadium in Lakewood. The first one will take place this coming Friday through Sunday evening going into Rosh Hashana. Heavy traffic expected on the main roads coming into Lakewood. Its erev Yom tov was anyone informed to do their shopping in advance? Where will all cars park?  On the official website it says "There will be NO street parking around First Energy Park. We are asking all our guests to respect the wonderful community of Lakewood, NJ. There will be a zero tolerance for street parking and all vehicles parked on the streets around First Energy Park will be towed." For the following week concert there will be parking in areas designated by the Lakewood Police Department. On social media people were complaining about the high price for on site parking. So, where do you think they will park??  In addition who is providing security at the event. A venue of such magnitude should have been addressed publicly with Lakewood residents but as usual everything is done in secrecy to benefit a few while the quality of life of Lakewood residents just doesn't factor at all.


  1. Es past nisht to Have pig races erev Rosh Hashana

  2. Menash will post a video soon on the poop

  3. from the concerts and renting out their parking lot to the Tree service, the Blueclaws likely make more then they pay in rent.

  4. What exactly do you want them to say?
    we built a stadium with tax payer money that is bringing traffic and no revenue to Lakewood.

  5. Density subcommittee meeting

    Wow!! So Adam Pfefer is on the committees. Hmm. He makes his bread and butter getting the planning and zoning boards to approve high density projects.

    Hmm, Mr. Glieberman the VP of BMG is on the committee!! His interest is to cram the most houses into Lakewood as possible!!

    Hmm, Mr. Lankry - he is on the zoning board and loves approving high density applications. We're in trouble!!

  6. I could easily use this upcoming potential fiasco to make menashe and Meir look incompetent and uncaring about our citizenry. The fact that they made sure to get a liquor license for these events and endangering us all against the advice of our police chief is inexcusable. The truth is this is only a temporary inconvenience and danger. There is no reason to criticize them for this event that they allowed. They have already destroyed this town on a permanent basis. They are still allowing approvals for large housing projects in the face of crippling traffic. They are responsible for daily traffic accidents. This event is just a little icing on the cake of their uncaring attitude in regards to our quality of life.