Friday, September 16, 2016

Township backs off again: Public is now invited to attend master plan meeting

After a reporter walked into a closed session meeting claiming its in violation of the open meetings act the Lakewood township is now inviting the public to a meeting discussing the downtown as it pertains to the master plan. The following was posted on the township website.

Please be advised that the Downtown Subcommittee of the Lakewood
Township Master Plan Committee will be conducting an Executive Session
Meeting on September 19, 2016 at 5:00pm in Room 18 of the Lakewood Township Municipal Building. The Public is welcome to attend this meeting.

Still no word on the rescheduling of the  canceled Executive Session of the Parks & Open Space Subcommittee or the meeting of the transportation subcommittee which was called after a reporter refused to leave.


  1. Pardon everyone
    All of the meetings must be open to the public, the other meeting will be conducted via other means.

  2. Laughable at best.

  3. Need to thank the reporter who mistakenly thought that the meeting needs to be public
    Now nobody will even try to discuss traffic
    Genius at work

  4. the total difference between under the table and over the table is a mere inch. (transparency V corruption) They should get used to eating NY Pizza not Chicago Pizza. Only the NY Pizza fits under them metal doors, the Chicago one is too darn thick crust.

  5. What? Why should traffic not be discussed publicly? Then again we have been discussing it and discussing it ad nauseum for years now. There is really only one immediate action that is needed to halt worsening the situation. But we shouldn't discuss that because some people need to make a lot of money off of other people's suffering? I am speaking to people that are spending 3 hours a day driving their children to schools and playgroups. They told Me It Used to take them a half hour at most for all their trips. Now tell me, is this fair? Is this a quality of life? We eat healthy, don't smoke, live safely, all so we can have a longer life, yet we are allowing these people to cause us to waste so much of our precious time on this earth in traffic and we need some highly underqualified people that have conflicts of interest to discuss our lives without our input?

  6. We need to either have a rotation or hire an attorney to represent Public interests at these meetings. The attorney who opposed the development in the Zoning Meeting below is excellent.

    I went to a few recent meetings, and wanted to go last night, but I got a very busy schedule, and had other obligations.

    Everyone needs to go when they have time, a rotation where people take turns would work best.

  7. I think this whole game is coming to an end. Lakewood is on its way into a major real estate crash. There is too much new construction right now. In the not so distant future many of these new developments will be bankrupt .

    I know that the inexperienced real estate professionals will say I'm crazy etc.. I am in real estate for 20 years and I was here the last time building went to fast and those developers have been long forgotten (i.e. Rottenberg, Gluck, Weisman).

    There is too much building and prices are too high. Not enough buyers that can actually afford anything close to what the newest construction is selling for. Plus with the basement vacancy rising even those that can afford the housing based on the rental income are afraid to go into it knowing that they may have to be vacant for a while. Real estate agents will not admit it but the fallout rate has already gone up 10 fold. Just look at the local circulars and the same houses are being offered week after week.

  8. The Entire master plan of Vineland,NJ was thrown out and had to be redone in PUBLIC because it was done in the Backroom with little public input. Rudy's Airport v. City of Vineland

  9. Did Mayor Menashe Miller supplement the Rent Control Board with additional members yet??