Monday, September 12, 2016

Tonight: Lakewood Zoning board meeting

Zoning board meeting   Mon, September 12, 7pm – 9pm  Lakewood, NJ municipal auditorium      

Appeal # 3977 – Bostonia Equity, LLC. Massachusetts & Cross Street, Block 440 Lots 6, 7.01
                            & 7.02, R-20/12 zone.  Use variance for 37 detached and semi-detached homes.
     37 duplexes and 10 single family.

Appeal # 3979 – CG RR Properties, LLC, Parkview Avenue, Block 1021 Lot 2, HD-7 zone.
                            Use variance for a triplex.

Appeal # 3980 – Joseph Sebbag, Hope Chapel Road, Block 2.01 Lots 14.01-14.05, R-40 zone.
                            Use density variance for 6 single family lots that are 15,028 square feet to
                            24,043 square feet where 40,000 is required.

Appeal # 3982 – Moses Stern, 402 Laurel Avenue, Block 548 Lot 1, R-7.5 zone. Use variance
                             for a duplex on a 9,500 square foot lot where 10,000 is required.

Appeal # 3985 - DC Commercial -1125 Ocean Avenue, Block 189.03 Lot 76.01. Variance
                            requested for free-standing sign.

Appeal # 3986 – Faraday Estates, LLC, Prospect Street, Block 490 Lot 1.02 M-1 zone. Use
                            variance to construct 11 duplexes

Appeal # 3987 – Jacob Lipschitz, 767 River Avenue, Block 782 Lot 36, HD-7 zone. Major
                            subdivision for 9 single family lots.

Appeal # 3988 – Elyon Capital LLC, 110 E. Harvard Street, Block 227 Lot 3.01 R-10 zone.
                Single family home with variances. Requested.

Appeal # 3989 – 155 Somerset LLC, 155 Somerset Avenue, Block 189 Lot 142, R-10 zone.
                             To construct a duplex requiring variances. Zero lot line subdivision requested.

Appeal # 3991 – Aaron Finkelstein, 121 Somerset Avenue. Block 189.05 Lot 148, R-10 zone.
                            To construct a duplex on 10,145 square feet where 12,000 is required.

Appeal # 3993 – Forest Haven, New Central Avenue & Hillside Blvd. Block 121.12 Lots 1-3 &
                            Block 11.13 Lot 1, R-15 zone.  Use variance to construct 10-2 story multi-
                            family dwellings with basements.

Appeal # 3994 – Barry Schreiber, 1417 Tanglewood Lane, Block 25.08 Lot 3, R-12 zone.
                             Variance requested for lot coverage 30% required 31.2% proposed.

Appeal # 3995 – Josef Neuman, 137-144 Shady Lane, Block 12.03 Lots 5 & 7, R-12 zone.
                            Variances requested for pool house & covered patio.
Appeal # 3996 – Congregation Maalos Hatorah, Inc. Block 1159 &1159.04, R-20 zone.
                            Preliminary and final major subdivision with Use variance for mixed use
                            housing project.
Appeal # 3971 – KG Investments, 742 Ocean Avenue, Block 548 Lots 66, 281, 282, OS zone.
Use variance approve for an office building and catering hall.
Appeal # 3972 – Andrew Green, 910 Woodland Drive, Block 12.04 Lot 99, R-12 zone. Resolution to deny variance for deck in rear yard setback and variance requested for shed.
Appeal # 3973 – Evelyn Vago, 1536 Prospect Street, Block 490 Lot 7, M-1 zone.  Use variance
approved to construct duplexes.
Appeal # 3951A-525 Chestnut, LLC, 525 Chestnut Street, Block 1159 Lot 41.01, R-20 zone
Resolution to approve Subdivision.
Appeal # 3974 – S. Greenes, 346 Hope Chapel Road, Block 2 Lot 23.01, R-40 zone. Resolution to approve the construction of a single family house with variances requested.


  1. Everyone come to oppose ALL construction that needs major variances. No new duplexes. 37 Duplexes on Massachusetts & Cross Street! That area is getting worse and worse.

  2. How many more people are they trying to stuff into westgate with these new buildings?

  3. I will be there "wife permitting". And we should not just oppose major variances, but all variances by developers. Variance by definition is an exception to the rule.

  4. Anyone know why the Township is doing absolutely nothing regarding the prostitution and drug use that has been getting out of control around the Lexington/Rt88 -1st and 2nd Street area. Women getting picked up in broad daylight daily with zero enforcement from LPD. Queens Gardens, Yeshiva K'tana etc have all this filth crawling around their shchunah. Time for a crackdown!

    1. Well.. If our committemen are apparently allowed to sell their votes to the highest bidder, (the rent control board being the latest example) these other lowlifes don't see themselves as having to act differently either.

  5. Exactly, no variances should get approved.....

    Build within the allowed zoning and laws or don't build.

  6. Are you allowed to build till the end of your property line towards the back without a variance and or notifying the neighbors?

    1. It is illegal to build till your property line. You are required to leave a minimum setback of 10 feet and in many instances even more, depending on the circumstances.

  7. Westgate wants to build 10 apartment buildings at the front of Westgate, are they out of their mind?

    1. That's 10 apartment buildings to rent to hundreds of tenants, and yet menashe miller & crew want to abolish the rent control board. Is he out of his mind??

    2. How they even approved the first phase with such narrow streets is beyond me. Forget about how much traffic this will add to Central & Rte 9 and Hope. However Brian will get up there and say "The master plan says we need more housing"

  8. I wasn't there bit I can tell you that if westgate got approved to build duplexes in a r15 zone, it is a slap in the face to every person in the neighborhood and makes a total mockery of this whole "board"

  9. The west gate mafia did not show up allthough this building will affect them but to fight against a shul in westgate people who live outside WG came down to oppose it.

  10. what happened with westgate?

  11. I guess it just goes to show the true colors of these people

  12. Lets set up a fund to hire attorneys to help stop the "special interests" in Lakewood from "influencing" the board to throw away all zoning and morals.

    This town took enough of this abuse and has to stand up for themselves instead of just ranting online. Lets stand together and hire attorneys to represent the town as a whole (minus the developers) If the board sees an opposing attorney who is willing to go to appeals process they wont be able to intimidate and will have to actually do their job and listen to the voice of the people for once.

    We all know what goes on before the public bard meetings....