Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The Bus Blame game

And the blame game begins... 
school blames
bus company who blames
LSTA who  blames the
BOE who blames 
Lakewood township who blames the
school district who blames the 
state monitor who blames
Gov. Christie who blames the
Igud who blames the
Vaad who blames the
Blogs who blames the
consortium who blames
parents who blame each other..
 kid says Ill take all the blame just make sure no busing and no school.
(Submitted via comment.)


  1. We have no one else to blame but ourselves. We listened to the vaad to vote in certain people. Who changed the zoning to suit their needs (While claiming it would lower house prices). Which caused a busing crisis and a traffic crisis. The end. The blame is on everyone we voted for this.

    1. Speak for yourself. I never voted for them and never will.
      Its the sheep who voted for them. Blame them. In Lakewood the sheep run the town.

    2. Remember the date Noveber 8th.
      If your not not sure who to vote for then don't vote at all. Voting for an Igud candidate will hirt you, your neighbors, friend, family, and the rest of the klal.

    3. To Anom 8:59 Ok so you moved to a town of sheep that was and is your choice.

    4. Some people lived here before the sheep herders took power.

  2. In the beginning everyone took credit.

    1. Everyone who took credit for everything in the town that created this crazy mess, are now taking credit for the LSTA, and the "groundbreaking" bill that they fanaigled the state for. I'm just wondering what consequences we will get hit with for this bill.


  3. Saw Steve Langert at a Chasunah last night. Herschel, didn't you say that once we voted him out Lakewood would be great again? Seems to me things got worse

    1. You are 100 percent right. I had no idea that Mike Delia would be a puppet for whatever the Wenger and Bursztyn mafia wanted. I am embarrassed that I helped get him on the committee. I did not always agree with Langert, but he kept Menashe and meir in check to some degree. But hindsight is always 20/20 and we need to move on. And by the way. Lakewood was never great. Yet.

  4. COmments on blogs are literally the least you can do to save the town. If someone can write up a clear list of what we stand to lose by listening to iguds and vaads and disseminates it, without hyperbole or hate, around town, maybe something good will emerge from all of this.

    ANd now, back to Westgate.....

    1. 1.You loose lots of money. All of them LOVE money. Maybe more than they love power.
      2. You give power hungry people what they are addicted to (more power), by showing them you want them to leave you powerless.
      3. You create traffic. I think they like that too. If there is traffic you need to keep them in power so they can solve the traffic problem.
      4. You turn in to sheep.