Monday, September 12, 2016

Tax dollars: LFD commissioners meeting Lakewood

 -Fire district taxes went up from .058 to .070.
-No meeting of minutes published since February
-Board votes to only record mainn points and not all minutes
Board of Fire Commissioners Fire District No. 1316 River Avenue Lakewood, New Jersey 08701 MEETING AGENDA September 12, 2016 7:30 p.m.
Office of the Commissioners 316 River Avenue, Lakewood, New Jersey
1. Motion to purchase tablets and installation in apparatus
2. Motion to obtain preventative maintenance of HVAC, Air Compressors and
3. Motion to hire Fire District Administrator

4. Motion to Establish a Procurement Card (P-Card)
5. Second Reading Resolution Creating Administrative Clerk Position
 16. Solicitor’s Report- Jay C. Sendzik, Esq.
 18. Chairman’s Report- David Mizrahi
 23. Meeting Dates- Workshop Meeting: October 10, 2016 at 7:00
 Regular Meeting: October 10, 2016 at 7:30
 24. Closed Session: Contract Negotiations FMBA
Anticipated Litigation Former Commissioner
Litigation (Loigman)
Personnel (Fire District Administrator)


  1. If you look on your tax bill, you will see that fire taxes went up with the largest percentage points.
    The school tax went up only 2% which is the cap.
    The tzibur should request answers for that.
    Taxes going up 2% is expected and we anticipate it, but the increase which we had this year, almost double than 2%, is unacceptable.

  2. They are installing wifi in all the stations so that the firelighters that are there doing nothing can hang out and use the wifi, this will cost thousands of dollars beyond what it should, and the contract will go to the chairman's friend. this is just one of many total wastes of money. Commissioners, public money is not free money.

    1. Why does wifi cost so much? If there is already internet there, it should barely cost anything .

  3. Ever watched a meeting in that circus, "this and this sound like a good idea, so let's just use up some spare budget money" then there's a cost overrun, an emergency,and they need to raise taxes.

  4. As a frum firefighter let me address some of your concerns. Let me start by saying that many of us are at odds with the board members but that has nothing to do with or concerns.

    1) Please look at how much you actually pay more in taxes for the fire tax. You pay a lot more for the town to waste. It went from 0.058 to 0.070. Now calculate that against what the value of your home is (this is your per year bill). Also the max 2% is a farce. The township (not related to the FD) has done a lot more than 2%, they use a loophole. Your anger should be facing them.
    2) There are many times we need to be at the firehouse such as storm standbys. When it's freezing cold out side and there is 3 feet of snow on the ground we are called to the firehouse in case there is a fire. We wait there so if there is a fire we should be able to respond faster. The last you can do is give them the ability to get work done. When I am at a storm standby I am working since I need to pay my bills. I use the Wifi to do that.
    3) The commissioners MUST bid out the work. They aren't allowed to just call a friend to have do the work.
    4) Look at the history of how much the fire taxes have gone up over the years. It's nothing compared to what the township is doing yet there nothing is said.

    Over all go look at what the fire tax is in Brick, Toms River and Howell. It's a lot more there. Go look at what it would cost if we went from a partially paid dept. to a fully paid dept. Your fire taxes will from from .07 to some where around 0.15 to 0.20. But be smarter and annoy the volunteers to the point where they leave and you are left footing the bill.

    1. There are plenty of ways to assure you friends get the bids, they independently issue bizarre specs that no one wants to fulfill they bid the lowest, and then back out on the difficult requirement and walk away with mst of the money,inus a few bucks for dropping some requirements which it's later decided it wasn't needed either way.

    2. We all love the volunteers, it's the board the spends money like children, my thinking adults. There's a smart way to spend money that might be a bit more up front, but saves money in the long run. The board is run on a dictatorial fashion, makes very bad financial decisions, just watch any meeting.