Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Profiting off yenems Tzara?

I saw an ad for a mens group to provide support and therapy session for men who are divorced. So this is how it goes,families are first broken apart by the "therapists" children are alienated and removed from parents, authorities are contacted on trumped up false allegations as fathers are thrown out. Children are treated with no parental involvement (in some cases the fathers are never contacted that their children are in therapy) and are taught to with foreign hashkafos how not to respect their parents. So, now after the damage is done they offer a mens group to profit more on the backs of the fathers who were thrown out of their homes and removed from their children in the first place. How many living yesomim have we created with our very own hands? and than we ask hashem for rachmanus?
As the famous maamar chazal goes...


  1. ONLY IN LAKEWOOD- Gevaldik!!!
    Give the family rotten fish to eat "chessed".
    They all get sick "bikur choilim".
    Some don't make it "halvoh'as hameis".
    "Nichum aveilim".
    Collect for the Almonah "tzedokah".
    Marry of the yesoimim "Hachnosas kallah"
    Oy How many mitvos.

  2. These ladies backed by fake askanin think they did the ultimate strategic move by getting the husband thrown out the house by the cops. I spoke to a successful yeshiva bochur who said he still doesn't forgive his mother for calling the cops on his father. Think how traumatizing it is for a child. Every therapist that is worth something will try to explain to all parties involved that nothing should change for the children except that their parents are not together. When the ladies and askonim ( the restraining order is a common ploy) work to make the father look like garbage the kids relieze something is amiss because they know their father as is their role model. They quickly relieze that their mother and others are out to get their role model and the animosity towards those people grow ( of course it can work the other way as well if the father would do such things to the mother yet it is much less common and less encouraged by fake askonim). Unfortunately there are therapy agencies in Lakewood which are one sided which is the worse thing they can do to a child. They poison a child against their father which really messes the kid up. These agencies care nothing about the kids only about their agenda. Children are meant to grow up with parents regardless of whether the agency likes them or not. I assume you all know which agency I'm particular I am reffering to.

  3. correction, it's not just the one lrrc, almost all of the therapist and their Rah-bonim are the same roitz'chim.

  4. Yes we all know...we also know the resoim calling themselves "Askonim" who will get off on the drama and the chaos. They will brainwash the wife to get a restraining order, and threaten the poor husband with police and often call the cops, traumatizing the children forever. These fake resoim need the drama to keep them self going, and Sholom is for them the worth thing out there. But "Sheker Ein love raglayim" truth will prevail and Hashem will punish these resoim Middah Keneged Middah.

  5. The Lawyers refer to Restraining orders as the "Game men ship" of Divorce they all know it is a ploy for women to use against men to get Revenge, Custody , Property and turn the Husband/ Father into a Criminal with a Criminal record to be used against him

  6. Do a Google search on Judge Zurigo in Israel he says 99% of Women lie and Fail Polygraph tests pertaining to Restraining orders

  7. What if the wife is being physically abused? Is she not entitled to protect herself to stop the abuse? Is she muchayav to put up with it?