Thursday, September 22, 2016

Only in Lakewood! and proud of it

A picture of a item sold in a Lakewood store was posted on a website with the title "Only in Lakewood" as content to mock Lakewood residents who strive for a higher level in ruchniyus. The item was covered with white stickers obviously to cover over a immodest picture on the packaging. The store owners feels this is the right thing to do for themselves and their costumers. If Someone wants to better his shmiras einayim is he not entitled to it? does it have to be mocked and used to continually stereotype Lakewood as fanatics and extremists. If anything Lakewood should be proud to have people that are continuously striving to be better especially during this time of year.


  1. ironically ,the link to the picture that i just clicked took me to a website that has an ad adjacent to that picture for womens clothing. needless to say I just saw much worse than what is probably on that box. and why is only simchas putting up such things? isnt it a website only for simchas?

  2. i never saw the only simchas website before. it is not jewish and i am appalled that frum people list their simchas on such a site. it looks like failed messiah

  3. Which store is it? I want to patronize them