Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Oif Simches! Lakewood September 7, 2016

-Vort: Golombeck/Lubowsky vort will iy'H be Wednesday night Sept 7th at 7:30  R' Herzka's shul 270 Miller Rd, Lakewood, NJ

-Chasunah: Chosson Duvid Ortner to Kallah Polak bas R' Ari Lake Terrace 1690 Oak St. Lakewood. 
-Chasunah: Shlomo Levy wedding tonight in Ateres Chana hall  
-Chasunah Katz- Katz at Ne;emas hachaim hall Lakewood, NJ

 Video:At a chasunah in Lakewood this week

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