Sunday, September 18, 2016

Lkwd area briefs

New bill would out LLC owners buying real estate
bill aimed at orthodox owners in Jackson- town never had issue collecting taxes from owners

Jersey shore towns on alert after explosive device goes off

Blueclaws season ends

120 Overdose deaths from Heroin in Ocean county in 2016

The Lakewood Renaissance Faire renting Pine Park today

Tent city moves to Howell near Walmart off rt 9



  2. Wow Schi gets $400K for summer camp from lakewood boe.

    1. They collect for the camp thought they have no funding for the camp.

    2. For the last few years they always collected for the school. Once people saw how many millions of dollars they get from the state, they changed their tune and started collecting for the camp. Now what??

  3. Regular kids parents can't afford to pay $400 to send their children to day camp because their property taxes go up $600 a year.Now we know what the town does with the money.

  4. Schi kids who get boe funding are getting 12 months care. they need full year therapy or they regress. Other schi kids get no camp funding which is why they collect for it.

  5. Governor Christie verbalizes his heartfelt and unwaivering support of the SCHI School, its students, administration, and Camp SCHI after his visit to the SCHI Campus:

  6. I wish Lakewood would also require owners of LLC to name themselves when purchasing properties.

    It might answer alot of questions about what goes on around here.