Thursday, September 29, 2016

LIC discuss security concerns regarding events at stadium

The Lakewood township never brought it up publicly,since the LIC, (Lakewood Industrial commission) is in charge of the stadium. In a recent meeting the commission discussed the rock festivals which are taking place this weekend. It apears the township has to change or update the insurance policy to accomodate these events how much did premiums go up?
Following is an excerpt from minutes of the meeting LIC HERE
"Discussion took place regarding upcoming entertainment events that are scheduled to take place at  the Baseball Stadium in late September and early October. Special Events permit applications are now coming before the LIC for authorization. Security concerns regarding the events  Police Department also reviews and recommends security measures  Township adopted an ordinance to address events to be held at the venue, Insurance  Atty. Kean will look at the insurance thresholds and requirements to provide adequate  coverage."


  1. Hopefully with the awful weather this weekend the turnout will be less than the 50 thousand expected. Meir and Menashe may have dodged the bullet of this becoming a full blown disaster after all.
    We need to conduct a full blown investigation into the Blue Claws deal. Who is making money from this deal? Can the deal be cancelled? We can't have them in control of our town for the next 40 years and holding us hostage with rock and rap festivals whenever they want.

  2. Former Lpd chief Lawson begged on his knees not to allow liquor or beer.
    When he was on his knees begging. Meir Lichtenstein kicked him in the pants and said we will allow everything.
    How much money & in who's pocket?

  3. It's a huge security issue. Everyone knows what goes on at these "festivals".

  4. Download the pdf. Contract negotiations was closed to the public. Anyone smell a dirty fish?

  5. I know the Blueclaws signed a very long term lease, but I wonder if that would preclude the new batch of politicians, who are going to come sooner or later, to sell the property and kick them out.

    Notice how they only had the Chutzpah to have an event like this there once the long term lease was signed.

    If I was running things, or hopefully someone else with common sense. I would either sell the stadium for commercial/industrial use (you would think and Industrial Commission would have done that) or I would turn it into a large open park.