Thursday, September 1, 2016

Lakewood weather report Hurrican Hermine

From Lakewood732 weatherman. It could batter NJ cost

Good afternoon to all. Just a day ago most people thought Labor day weekend was going to be nice with no precipitation. Weather models are suggesting something more fun now. A Hurricane named HERMINE  is currently making its
way to Florida with Hurricane Warnings in some parts of Florida. As of now its still a tropical storm which may become a Hurricane later today. Once winds reach 64 knots (73.6 MPH) it becomes a Hurricane.
So much is unknown as of now. The storm hasn't made landfall yet and still has to go through Florida and all the way up the coast to us. Will it strengthen once it goes back in the Atlantic?? So much is uncertain. Obviously we will get a better picture once Hermine hits land and maybe the weather models will paint a better picture for us. We can see from a total miss to a strong tropical storm. A lot is still gonna change and make sure to stay updated. If and if it makes its way here we are looking at anywhere from Saturday night till Monday depending on the speed. My guess is that Hermine will indeed become a Hurricane later and then the fun begins with tracking a possible east coast hit. The beaches may not be the place to be this coming week. 

                                 Below is a link of the storm taking shape!

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