Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Lakewood Township ordinance to abolish rent control board is up for second reading

After sneaking it in last township committee meeting (here), once again the township is looking to get rid of the rent control board. 
An Ordinance Of The Township Of Lakewood, County Of Ocean, State Of New Jersey, Amending And Supplementing Chapter II Of The Revised General Ordinances Of The Township Of Lakewood, Entitled “Administration”, By Repealing Section 2-49 (Rent Control Board), Inclusive, In Its Entirety.
Residents wondered why is the township looking to get rid of the rent control board? Read more at Yudelstake.

Another Ordinance up for second reading repealing section 18-506 of the Oak street corridor in its entirety and replacing it.

 An Ordinance Of The Township Of Lakewood, County Of Ocean, State Of New
Jersey, Amending And Supplementing Chapter XVIII, Entitled “Unified
Development Ordinance”, By Repealing Section 18-506, Entitled “Oak Street
Corridor Improvement District” In Its Entirety, And Replacing It With New Section 18-506 Entitled “Oak Street Corridor Improvement District

section 18-506 as it is now in the township code.

18-506    Oak Street Corridor Improvement District.

18-506.1    Purpose and Intent

The Oak Street district properties will be developed as a residential community and will require the installation of certain improvements identified on a plan prepared by FWH Engineers entitled “The Oak Street Corridor Improvement Plan” dated August 4, 2014 as may be revised from time to time and approved by the Township Engineer.

Owners of the Oak Street district properties who desire to develop their properties have indicated that they would construct the improvements for the project provided there is a process and procedure by which they will be reimbursed for a portion of the cost of the improvements from owners of the district properties who develop their properties in the future.

(Ord. No. 2015-61)

18-506.2    Definitions

The following words, terms and phrases, shall have the meanings respectively ascribed to them in this section, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise.

Township - The Township of Lakewood, County of Ocean, State of New Jersey. (Ord. No. 2015-61)

Cost - The actual cost as to design and construct improvements which costs shall include but not be limited to design fees, including surveying, engineering and environmental studies, reports and plans, insurance premiums, management fees, consultation fees for professionals required for the development of the property, plans, studies and investigations and reports as required by the Township of Lakewood, and any other lender providing financing for the improvement, construction costs, including labor and materials, application fees, inspection fees, and performance and maintenance bond expenses. (Ord. No. 2015-61)

Developer - The party responsible for paying the costs of the improvements.  The term developer includes the Township should the Township incur any past or future costs in connection with the improvements.  (Ord. No. 2015-61)

Improvements - Storm water collection, storage and management system, sanitary sewer lines and appurtenances, potable water lines, including hydrants and appurtenances, roadways, curbs, off-site improvements such as traffic signals, sidewalks, recreation elements, the installation of electric service, including street lighting, natural gas lines and cable installation and the proportion share of the installation of the traffic light at Broadway and Route 9 as required by the Township. (Ord. No. 2015-61)

(Ord. No. 2015-61)

18-506.3    Description of District

The Oak Street Corridor Improvement District is hereby established and is comprised of the area set forth on the maps and plans by FWH Engineers entitled “The Oak Street Corridor Improvement Plan.”  The district as shown on the map attached as Exhibit A and includes the properties listed in Exhibit B attached. (Ord. No. 2015-61)

Editor's Note: Exhibit A and Exhibit B may be found in the Township offices.

18-506.4    Reimbursement Provisions

Total financing of the Oak Street Corridor project as established by this section shall be the responsibility of the project developers and any costs expended by the developers and the Township shall be reimbursed through the escrow process as described herein. 

Two (2) escrow accounts shall be established and maintained by the Township for costs associated with this project for reimbursement to developers and to the Township on a pro rata basis.  The pro rata basis is determined by calculating the entire cost of the improvements divided by the pro rata share of property ownership by the various property owners.

One account for the reimbursement of monies expended by the developers shall be maintained by the Township Construction Office.  The second account shall be for reimbursement to the Township for costs expended by the Township for items such as property acquisition and bonding which has already been appropriated and expended.  This account shall also be maintained by the Township Construction Office.

Purchasers of property from the developers will be required to reimburse the developers and the Township on a pro rata basis as set forth above for costs expended by the developers and the Township.  No building permit shall be issued by the Township unless and until total reimbursement on the pro rata formula established by this section is complete. 


  1. Smart move on the township's part. Better to double down than retreat once you get caught. Mayor miller will explain they had a hard time getting new members to join the board, the board rarely met and they are replacing it with a paid position so it will be more accessible to the tenants and landlords. .blah bla....

  2. Rent control needs to be strengthened, not abolished. The law has often been violated and many tenants are afraid to confront predatory landlords, especially where affordable rental housing is so scarce in the wake of Sandy. The Township could easily put out a call for volunteers for the Board, and the Buildings Department has readily available the history of rents from CO applications to support tenants' claims.

  3. Everyone show up and ask the same 2 questions. Why replace a free position with a paid one, and why replace a board which has better collective judgement, than a single individual? You can also ask when do away with a board which requires some of its members not to be landlords so that the one at the hearing will get a fait chance????

  4. This is a major meeting to destroy what is left of Lakewood. there is also an ordinance up to codify changes and adopt a new zoning map.

    This will pave the way for thousands of new homes in Lakewood. My guess is after this one, the perpetrators will retire and move to Florida or Israel.

    There destruction will be complete, no reason for them to hang around anymore.

  5. Menashe Miller and the other committemen have been behaving in a reckless manner for too long. Their intended repeal of the rent control board is just another act of insanity. There is no legitimate reason that they can try to sell to the public to convince them that they are not working as agents on behalf of at least one certain landlord.

  6. The September 15th Township Committee Meeting will be watched and analyzed VERY CAREFULLY by many various entities. Committee-men, each of you has now been given fair notice. Let the games begin.