Thursday, September 8, 2016

Lakewood School busing day 2 Traffic traffic

-Not only the private schools but Parents of public school children took to social media complaining about no show buses for their children.
-Pine street was backed up from Albert to rt 9 going west and East from rt 9 to Ave of the states
-James backed up past NPGS
-Buses runing late parents waiting over an hour in some stop
-Utilities Tree pruning in cross street area smack in middle of rush hour


  1. Central ave and hope chapel were backed up to Atlantic city

  2. Well things would be smoother with a traffic light. If only menashe would let us have it.

  3. To make things worse they were cutting trees by Drake and james this morning blocking traffic with two cops and 5 trucks. Brilliant!!

  4. Lakewood government sucks. Period. The level of incompetence is unparalleled.

  5. Pine goes east to west; not morth/south

  6. Don't worry, they will be putting in more stop lights, that will solve everything.