Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Lakewood Planing board meeting tonight

LAKEWOOD PLANNING BOARD AGENDA Tuesday, September 20, 2016 6:00 P.M.  at Municipal auditorium 3rd street.

1. Resolution of Appointment – Oak Street Core Residential Development Subcommittee


• SD 1735 Chaim Greenes – adjustment to approved lot layout
• SP 2071B Bais Medrash of Coughlin Street – adjustment to approved building footprint
1. SD 2145 ARM Realty & Construction
 Netherwood Drive Blocks 433, 434, 435, & 436
Preliminary and Final Major Subdivision to create 21 lots
2. SD 2119 1495 East Spruce, LLC
 East Spruce Street Block 855.01, Lots 26 & 29
 Preliminary and Final Major Subdivision to create five lots
3. SD 2142 Congregation Kol Aryeh
 Hope Chapel Road Block 24.04, Lot 5
Minor subdivision to create two lots
4. SD 2144 Chaim Abadi
 Shady Lane Drive Block 12.01, Lots 7 & 11
Minor Subdivision to create three lots
5. SP 2181 River 1161, LLC
 River Avenue Block 1064, Lot 4
Preliminary and Final Major Site Plan for an addition to an existing grocery store
Applicant is requesting to carry this application to the October 26, 2016, meeting.
This project will not be heard.
6. SD 2149 Flowing White Milk, LLC, & Township of Lakewood
 Shemen Street Block 190, Lot 58.13
Minor Subdivision to create two lots
7. SD 2150 Platinum Developers
 South Bell Avenue Block 830, Lots 42 & 43
Preliminary and Final Major Subdivision to create eleven lots
8. SD 2152 JMR Enterprises, LLC
 Henry Street Block 777, Lot 16
Minor Subdivision to create four lots
9. SD 2153 Meir S Kaufman
 South Street Block 855.06, Lots 26 & 32
Minor Subdivision to create three lots
10. SD 2154 Bais Rivka Rochel
 4th Street Block 127, Lot 4
Preliminary and Final Major Subdivision to create 5 lots
11. SP 2204AA Congregation Zichron Chazon Ish
 Williams Street Block 420, Lot 31
Change of Use/Site Plan Exemption to convert existing house into a syngagogue
12. SP 2209AA Shmuel Pepper
 30 Gudz Road Block 11.30, Lot 13
Change of Use/Site Plan Exemption to convert existing house into a school and


  1. Why is the 2 lot subdivision in # 6 being applied for by TWO different entities?? Since when does Lakewood Twp have a PARTNERSHIP with an entity called "Flowing White Milk LLC" ? Who is behind this mysterious LLC ??

  2. In the past, hasn't their been more detail in regard to the types of units being built single family, duplex etc? /have they changed their method of posting to try to fly under the radar?

  3. Flowing white milk acquired township land for $3000?? Now wants to subdivide and make a killing..whats going on??

  4. Why do people feel the need to ask questions on a blog that make it look,like everybody is corrupt. If you are really interested ,go to the the meeting or even just go to the planning board Secretary and you will probably get answers to your questions.

    1. I went a few times and from what I saw everyone is corrupt.

      Most people have to do an honest days work to make a living, and don'thave tome to go down to the municipal building a few times a week.

      What do you have against people asking and posting information?

  5. How on earth do some developers have the gall to claim that they provided the required legal Notice when every single neighbor will testify that they never received advance Notice and the developer cannot provide the required proof to the Board Secretary of such Notice?? There should be some type of criminal penalty for those trying to cheat the system.

    1. Because they only need to give notice if you are within 200 feet. that needs to be changed.

    2. You seem to be easily fooled into thinking that the developer gave Notice to those properties within the 200 feet. However, every one of those neighbors vigorously protested this untrue claim and the Board Secretary stated the the Board never received the legally required proof from the developer proving his compliance with this legal requirement.

      Who is it indeed that is playing these (illegal) games?

  6. Because in the few cases where I did know the facts ,I saw that people post nasty comments without knowing any facts. So if they really have an interest,then instead of spewing hate and rechilus ,go take some time and find out the real facts first.

  7. The secretary will answer your questions? Is that some sorta joke.?
    Thats like the fox watching the hen house

  8. Get the facts before you sound really stupid here. I'm not happy about the flowimg white milk,LLC App but I did pull the file and see that everything was done 100% correct and this is probably the best solution for what else this person that owns almost 7AC of land can do with it.He is giving to the township most of the property fro open space. I am not 100% sure about notices. My point is I'd rather this then someone extending his strip Mall in my back yard.

  9. Why is the township on the application (along with white milk? The towship I in business of minor subdivisions?

  10. No, The Township wants control of the basin and the open space so they want Flowing White Milk,LLC to donate it back to them. I live in this area and can tell you I'd rather the township take care of the basin with township funds and keep the open space then not be able to enter it because it's private property? guys think don't shot your self in the foot.

    1. Are you telling us that the Basin was purchased by some private individual and unless people allow this applicant his wish, then the Twp could lose control of the Basin?? Sounds very strange that any Twp could allow this to happen? What's the real story?

  11. At this point, there are no facts, nor was anyone even made aware of the application so they can inquire as to the facts.

    But there are lots of questions causing suspicion. Why has not even one of the 200-feet neighbors received the legally required notice? How has this application been allowed to go forward without providing the legally required proof of such Notice? Did the Board simply "trust" this applicant? Can we "trust" anything else this applicant might claim? Why is the Township of Lakewood partnering with a private LLC in this application?

    There is a heavy cloud of uncertainty over the status of this particular property as evidenced by various Twp resolutions and other legal documentation. All of this needs to be brought to light prior to any Board action.

  12. This whole deal is becoming more dubious because "Flowing White Milk, LLC" is not recognized by the State of NJ (and NY) as a legal entity and therefore cannot do business or hold ownership to any property. This would cause any application to zoning/planning to be invalid at the outset, because the applicant cannot possibly provide a legitimate Affidavit or Certificate of ownership. (A non-entity is also incapable of provide the required legal Notice.) This leaves us with the question about how the Township got involved in this application..

    The only legal remedy to this growing fiasco is for the Township to file for eminent domain and retake the land which was supposed to have been originally granted to them by the Red Oaks developer.

  13. The township should have a very easy time to take this land back through eminent domain since Flowing White Milk LLC is not a recognized owner. Whoever F/W/M, LLC is, he cannot hold any Title and has no standing to oppose an eminent Domain action, because the State considers him to be a non-existent or illegal entity. If he does decide to oppose, then the Dept. of Treasury will likely get involved.

    Crusader Servicing, the company which originally purchased the tax liens on this property from Lakewood and later foreclosed/sold this land to F/W/M LLC may possibly end up having some level of ownership interest, but that can easily be extinguished at minor cost. This is getting interesting..

  14. posted on the township website
    2. SD 2149 Flowing White Milk, LLC, & Township of Lakewood
    Shemen Street Block 190, Lot 58.13
    Minor Subdivision to create two lots
    Public notice was not provided nor required for this application as it is a
    conforming minor subdivision