Monday, September 12, 2016

Dr. Meir Wikler monthly Lakewood vaad- common cause of conflict in marriage

Reb Meir Wikler, is a Ben Torah, long time therapist, inspiring speaker, and best selling author, who lives in Brooklyn. (He has recently begun seeing people in Lakewood, as well.)

A few months ago, at the request of "Yungerleit" in Lakewood, Reb Meir has agreed to speak on a monthly basis.

Packed with personal experience, and Divrei Torah, the "Vaad" has become a great success.

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  1. Whenever he talks about people that need therapy he makes it sound like they all have major issues. Firstly that is not always the case and more importantly the way he talks adds to the negative stigma associated with needing therapy which causes the people that need it not to go. A good dr makes it seem ok and the same way when people are not physically healthy they go to a dr so too when a person is not emotionally healthy they go to a dr.