Sunday, September 4, 2016

Updated: BOGO Tuition relief for Lakewood families.

Update: FROM Mr. Waxler on, “I requested that the campaign be shut down and it has currently been suspended. All contributors will be refunded in full.
The site is currently not active at this time.
Update: This was posted on the website:
For all the peddlers of Lashon Harah:
All funds that are given today are under the direct control of Zecharia Waxler, Partner - Roth & Company, and Dayan Roth of Lakewood.  interviews head of BOGO HERE "Zvi explained that the fund is being overseen by Waxler together with Rav Chaim Mayer Roth, rov of the Sterling Forest-Nusach Sefard shul in Lakewood. Zvi says that he will be matching the funds that come in, up to a million dollars."

Yeshiva Orchos chaim Tells parents not to participate on the BOGO fund. Lakewood cheder tells parents they do not endorse this campaign and don't guarantee any credit until they receive the funds.
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Due to the overwhelming response we got so far from the Lakewood community, in order to give more families a chance for us to help them with their tuition payments, we are limiting the amount that we will match per family.

Each family can have up to $10,000 of their tuition matched. So the maximum that each family can receive for this coming school year in matching funds is $10,000. For example: If you give the maximun amount of $10,000, the Bogo Tuition Fund will give another $10,000 in matching funds, and a total of $20,000 will be given over the next 12 months, to your designated school(s) on your behalf.


  1. Is this another scam? How does it work. Which schools are part of this? no haskama, no info.

  2. The Cheder just sent out a robot call that they don't recognize the tuition bogo but they list the Cheder as a participant.
    The organizer Zvi Bogomilsky isn't listed in any Lakewood address

  3. wondering how this works, and if theres a guarantee. What do the schools say to this, do they believe in it?

  4. scam & by the end of the year if you contact them & say my school never got your money for my family they will deny it & say they do not even know you.


  5. Schoolsdont know anything about it.

  6. I would caution anybody to verify what this is before giving any money.maybe you will double your money but maybe you can lose it all. They might use your money for risky investments. The lack of information, small time frame
    To sign up and promise of doubling your money throw red warning signs to me. I hope i am wrong but would not risk it myself

  7. Tashbar doesn't support this either

  8. Schools and stores never heard about this. Nobody knows anything about it

  9. A comment on the bogo fund website.
    Please be advised i have been called by many rabonim and askonim in Lakewood. I have no affiliation whatsoever with this tuition fund.

    People need to ask if they are donating why it's not affiliated with a charity. To me it seems like a very clever scam.

    Tzvi Bogomilsky
    Miami Beach,FL.

  10. It looks like a scam even the last name
    BOGOmilsky Buy One Get One milsky. this is a fraudster laughing all the way to the bank the add should be band and people should know by now that something that is to good to be true is probably not.

  11. What are people thinking? No one behind this and no Haskahmas.
    Its embarrassing how people can fall for this.

  12. This was advertised in the Lakewood shopper. Does the shopper verify before publishing?

  13. There was a thread on Dans deals Lakewood forum about it but it looks like it was removed.

    1. The thread is still there...

  14. Calling upon the following to step to the plate and give info regarding this.
    Lakewood shopper
    Lakewood courier
    Person who designed the ad
    Person who rented the storefront to BOGO
    Someone has to know something

  15. The name is probably BOGOmilsky which is for Michael MILken and Ivan boSKY, (Google it if you never heard of them)

  16. it is amazing how desperate ppl are for any sort of relief or chance to make money. As a school director, I went to the advertised storefront to see what's going on after getting no information on the website or phone. I found an empty rented storefront with a yungerman sitting on a plastic chair taking money from yungerliet and writing it down in a notebook. I was appalled that these people were lining up to give this guy money without any information ,receipt, or other verification. The erlicher person taking the money had no information to offer other than he was paid to sit there and take money and that the person in charge maybe will be coming later. Why are people giving this fellow money? This is the smart jewish mind?

  17. the store front which had the banner hung is no longer open. its all vacated.

  18. Zvi Bogomilsky
    bogo loyalty llc
    Speak to Dayan Roth I heard he is behind this but cannot confirm

  19. their donation page has been suspended ...

  20. It's been shut down and money is supposedly being returned

  21. lashon hara? seriously? telling people to be careful with their money is lashon hara?

  22. people are deperate bottom line. A person making 100k with 6 kids can be paying 35k a year that 35% of salary...before anything else, so why blame the people they need relief.

  23. Dayan Roth is part of the family behind this.