Sunday, September 4, 2016

BOGO tuition fund statement: Will reopen campaign when have backing of Lakewood Rabbonim

We would like to thank all those that participated in this campaign, and those
that are considering to participate. Due to the many questions and concerns raised by members of the community, we are temporarily suspending this campaign .We are currently in talks with Rabbanim and Askanim in Lakewood, and are looking for the best way to go forward for the benefit of the community. 
All the payments that were made, are secure, and are under the direct control of Zacharia Waxler and Dayan Roth. Once we have the backing of the Rabbanim, we look forward to reopen the campaign. In the meantime, anyone that requests a refund, will be refunded promptly. Thank you very much for putting your trust in our program, and we look forward to helping the Lakewood community going forward.


  1. Day an Roth is the ROTH firm that's behind this. Why does that add any level of comfort?
    It doesn't.

  2. Why publish this nonsense from these lunatics? They are stealing people's tuition money! How can you help them in this????

  3. Please be aware that all the stores listed on this program dos not agree to have their names put on this program and are by no way affiliated with this program!!!!!

  4. Here is my question about the fund even if is real. I understand that they are giving matching funds and want to make sure the parents pay their half. But why does anyone have to give money to them Why can't I give them a check payable to Lakewood Cheder and write on back Payable to Lakewood Cheder ONLY?
    If they are concerned my check will bounce let me pay one month and they pay the next month. Why does my money have to go through and be given to them first?