Friday, September 9, 2016

BOGO Lakewood update

The following is a bogo ad in the Shopper
-Suspended the matching fund campaign
-Merging the Bogo tuition matching fund with the bogo loyalty programs
-Returned all funds that were given in the tuition matching program
-Currently in talks with Lakewood school administrators for future programs


  1. So basically, the whole matching tuition thing was just a ploy to promote his loyalty program. Well, it definitely worked. Because he claims his loayalty program has been around Lakewood for 5 years and almost everyone I spoke to never heard of it.

  2. Loyalty programs are simply a way for someone to make money off hard working people without working yourself. They pressure businesses to give away a portion of their precious profits in order to participate and they pit competitors against each other.

  3. At least the Voice Rewards didn't need this kind of disgusting ploy to promote themselves. No wonder this ad is in The Shopper. Is The Shopper involved in this?

  4. I hope nobody participates in this scam. It will hurt businesses. It's stealing

  5. the voice rewards is a pure scam
    1)for each dollar you spend you get 1 point which values 1 penny
    2)all store prices are raised so the stores do not lose out by giving points to customers
    3)for 2000 points-which means you need to spend $2000 on shopping you get a pizza pie with fries or a story book for your house.

    BOTTOM LINE: dont fool or corrupt your mind to convince you your getting free stuff by the time you have reached 2000 points & spent 2000 dollars the higher store rates going up made you spend way over $20.00 towatsd getting that prize.

    PURE SCAM but use it still cause otherwise you wont get back at least some of your price rate losses.

    i.e. don't let it make you spend MORE money in more expensive stores. just use it when you happen to be in a store that accepts it

    for every dollar you spend you get %1 (a penny) back store prices went up more then that when voice (rewards) started