Monday, September 12, 2016

Am I Courtesy or Mandated busing?

That is one of the many questions some  parents have with the current bussing system. Some parents are contesting the measured distance between home and school but they dont know who to turn to too. Supposedly the LSTA is not in charge of measuring the distanced but the BOE has not been too helpful. According to NJ law (see below) any elementary student who lives 2 miles from school or 2.5 in high school is mandated to receive busing.

 Measurement is made by the shortest distance along public roadways or walkways between the entrance to the student's home and the nearest public entrance of the school building. This measurement is for eligibility purposes only and is not necessarily the travel path to or from school.

some measurements were calculated to the nearest street and not the door to door as supposed too.

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  1. Lakewood cheder did not charge parents the self imposed fee of $150 by the Lsta. Only kanerek. The fee may be illegal if the boe is paying the same service for non mandated public school kids.