Monday, August 22, 2016

Too similar street names? cant the township just "vacate" them  Article was also printed in Yated Neeman.
Lakewood, NJ – Did your son say he’s visiting a friend on Forest Avenue or Forest Drive? That’s nowhere near as confusing as an emergency responder pondering if the dispatcher said Grand Avenue or Grant Avenue. These are some of the recent street name confusions that have come to light.

Lakewood is not the only town that has similar named streets only to be differentiated by suffixes such as Avenue, Court, Lane or Road. This has been the common practice for many years for municipalities throughout the United States. That being said, Lakewood’s governing body is looking to make a change.
“I have instructed the administrators of both the municipal zoning board and planning board to double check on any and all new proposed street names,” says Mayor Menashe Miller. “They should not be similar in nature or phonetically confusing with another roadway.”

While this is certainly welcoming news, Matzav has learned that some of the similar sounding names are actually not new, but have been names of paper streets that have been on the books for years but were only recently developed. Such street names would need to undergo a municipal ordinance or resolution at a Township Committee meeting to nullify the previous name and establish a new one.

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