Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Tonight: Lakewood Planning board meeting

LAKEWOOD PLANNING BOARD Tuesday, August 16, 2016 
AGENDA 6:00 pm at town hall municipal audotorium  on 3rd street
1. SD 2142 Congregation Kol Aryeh
 Hope Chapel Road Block 24.04, Lot 5
Minor subdivision to create two lots
2. SD 2144 Chaim Abadi
 Shady Lane Drive Block 12.01, Lots 7 & 11
Minor Subdivision to create three lots
3. SP 2181 River 1161, LLC
 River Avenue Block 1064, Lot 4
Preliminary and Final Major Site Plan for an addition to an existing grocery store
4. SD 2143 Kikar Shabbos LLC

 Monmouth Ave & Fourth Street Block 160, Lot 1.01
Minor Subdivision to create two lots
5. SP 2187 KG Investments
 Chestnut and River Avenue Block 1070, Lots 1 & 3
Preliminary and Final Major Site Plan for a combined retail and office building,
existing gas pumps to remain
6. SD 2145 ARM Realty & Construction
 Netherwood Drive Blocks 433, 434, 435, & 436
Preliminary and Final Major Subdivision to create 21 lots
7. SD 2001 Joseph & Renee Klein
 East 8th Street Block 166, Lot 2.44
Minor Subdivision to create two lots
8. SP 2194AA Jacob Steinberg
 Buckwald Court Block 27, Lot 1.09
Change of Use/Site Plan Exemption to convert an existing home into a shul
9. SP 2195AA Gershon Eichorn
 West Cross Street Block 508, Lot 2
Change of Use/Site Plan Exemption to convert an existing home into a school
10. SP 2196AA Simon Schreiber
 Tuxedo Terrace Block 25.07, Lot 53
Change of Use/Site Plan Exemption to convert an existing home into a school 
11. SD 2147 DYA Investment & Development Group, LLC
 Miller Road Block 11.03, Lots 2 & 90.03
Preliminary and Final Major Subdivision to create 7 lots
12. SD 2119 1495 East Spruce, LLC
 East Spruce Street Block 855.01, Lots 26 & 29
 Preliminary and Final Major Subdivision to create five lots 


  1. Hope #8 doesn't encounter the sinas chinam that the shul in Westgate envountered

  2. The planning board are nice people. Dont accuse them of sinas chinom

  3. Wasn't against the planning board. It was against the people of the shechuna who will do anything to make sure a shul doesn't get built. I just hope this other person lives in a place that encourages the CONstruction of a makom kadosh and not the DEstruction of a makom kadosh.

  4. Sorry doesn't make sense. The planning board doesn't just listen to hackers. They are smart enough to understand the difference between a hocker and s legitimate problem. They approve plenty of things even though there are objectors.

  5. It depends who their friends are and what ulterior motives there are. Don't tell me you're that naive that you don't know how Lakewood works - it's not what you know, it's who you know

  6. I'm sorry I don't buy that. I know some of the members and the chairman and they are fair and reasonable people. Something doesn't make sense if they don't want to approve a shul. There is more to the story.

  7. No ones talking about the planning committee. We're talking about the people who are opposed to the shul because they're power hungry control freaks

  8. The planning board has approved many shuls even where there were objectors. Only the planning board counts. They are the ones that vote. Power hungry control freaks don't have a vote.

  9. There were under the table deals made with the planning board members to stop that shul being approved.

  10. What does being "nice" and smiling a lot have to do with anything. Do you ever wonder how some of these people got to be on the planning board? Some of these people don't even have the knowledge or capacity to follow what is taking place in these meetings.

  11. Ha Ha, it is like asking the mice to watch the cheese. A lot of the members of the board are tied into the developers. Wasnt the smiling chaiman one fo the bidders for the prospect property. No wonder we sit in traffic all day.