Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Tisha B'Av weather alert: Hot, humid air to feel like over 100 F

Start drinking water today, The forecast over the weekend will be very hot and even more humid with steamy weather The combination of heat, high humidity, sunshine and other conditions will push  Temperatures above 100 F in much of the Northeast during the weekend. Sunday weather in Lakewood will be a high of 92 and reel feel of 109! If you start drinking and hydrating on shabbos it will all evaporate, the way to stay hydrated is to start drinking a few days in advance.

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  1. Plain water goes straight through the body! It's best to add a couple of teaspoons of Apple, orange, lemon or grape juice to the water in order to "bind" it to the body so you stay adequately hydrated. You can also drink a low calorie sports during like G2 gatorade