Monday, August 8, 2016

This week's show was not advertised in Lkwd

Unlike previous shows, this past week's show on Headlines radio was not advertised in the local Lakewood media. For the past few weeks the shows were advertised weekly detailing the topics discussed and names of guests who will be on. This past show was about the Open Orthodoxy movement and interviewed some of its leaders. By now most people have been aware of  where Open orthodoxy stands and the statements of kefirah made by its members. The purpose of broadcasting the show might have been to expose and publicize to the masses the naked truth about open Orthodoxy. After listening to the program though, the opposite affect may have occurred. Why grant them a platform?
The guy used it to defend their statements and defend the remarks made by other OO members. The guy was given a pass to defend the kefira statements of his colleagues. Most were indefensible but he managed to spin it in some way and justify their hashkafos. Rabbi Gordimer a critic of chovevei Torah and Open Orthodox was also on the show but he was not given an opportunity to challenge Lopitan directly. 


  1. I think the actual show and its underlying factors border on open orthodoxy. Its very surprising that some main stream Rabbonim agree to go on the show. The topics debated are very delicate and are beyond the scope of the moderator and author. Lets leave it at that.

  2. דער וואס האט די מאה האט די דעה

  3. Feh. Who wants to hear this garbage

  4. I actually think R' Dovid did a very good job of calling them out by quoting from their own representatives and leaders, and Lopitan was at a total loss to provide satisfactory answers to his challenges

    1. Except that he misquoted some of their supposed statements.

  5. It was the right decision to avoid this show. It is an old question if you are supposed to debate kefirah, even to prove it's wrong. especially internally in the frum community.

  6. More like "Halachic Issues from a Modern Perspective."