Monday, August 29, 2016

School starts next week waiting for the bus pass

The bus pass did not arrive yet in the mail this year. Since a new consortium was set up to oversee the mandated  busing for the private schools, bus passes have not arrived yet. Boys schools are starting next week and as of now no busing information has been released yet. The consortium is working non stop to prepare and run the busing hopefully it will all be in place when school begins.


  1. Reality hits like a cold showerAugust 29, 2016 at 8:20 AM

    Don't hold your breath with expectations. Asphyxiation guaranteed.

  2. Not just boys schools are starting next week, girls are staring aame time this year

  3. Another deadline for bus bids is September7. Problems?

    1. We should be prepared for the possibility of getting very high bids, and even the non-courtesy busing has to be rationed.

  4. Courtesy busing funding was not acquired. They simply grabbed the pot of money allocated for private school busing to control it on their own and will now attempt to spin a new tax because everything isn't covered.... we should organize to sue the politicians who sold out the people for photo ops.When buses fail to arrive and new 'fees'are announced, we should remember are taxes are already paying for an in-house boe transportation director who organised private school bussing, now our pompous self appointed asscanim gave us a second.

  5. Nu Lakewood Vaad, Where are you when we need you.

    We were there when you needed us we voted as you recommended despite our personnel opinion.
    As Aaron always says "What do you have for me now"