Wednesday, August 17, 2016

RT 9 proposal will host meeting before submitting report

View the proposed improvements for Route 9 HERE 2-Way Left Turn Lane, New Traffic Lights Among Route 9 Proposals from TR to Lakewood
The proposals for the RT 9 corridor were done without any input from the public. The officials do not live in Lakewood nor do they understand the traffic nightmare it will cause. Officials promised there would be a meeting in July. Its now mid August and no date set for the Lakewood meeting. The proposal calls to make Hurley avenue a one way street going East to Cedarbridge. The only wat to get to Central avenue from Cedarbridge is to reroute all the traffic to rt 88 and back around on Rt 9. This will be a disaster.


  1. Why not add a third lane to Hurley?

  2. why not take away the left turn lane onto hurley from rt 9 going south and add that lane for southbound traffic. the cars can make a left on john street.

  3. check out the lakewood scoop lawsuit papers . why is bais rivka rochel getting $190,000 a year from the board of ed for rent that over 15,000 a month

  4. the first 4 proposals are great.
    If the 2 turning lanes from Main onto Rt 9 works out, it might not be such a bad idea to make Hurley a one way.though, I'm not really getting what they want from Hurley... there is never a problem with cars coming from Hurley...