Sunday, August 7, 2016

Lakewood News

J2 Rt 9 south now open. photo: Lakewood pulse
J2 pizza opens south side location in Lakewood 

Photos: Renovations at Ateres Chana hall in Lakewood at Bais Faiga

Bashing Lakewood community without knowing the facts

Vacancy at the BOE in Lakewood

Beach at Ocean county park in Lakewood remains closed


  1. It's ironic to see someone who constantly bashes our gedolim and Poskim, makes fun of them without knowing the full details, is considered an apikores al Pi din Torah, going around bashing others for not getting the full,information. People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. How many times did eidensohn post on things he knows nothing about and was מבזה on his blog, Reb Moshe, Reb Belsky, Reb Dovid, The Lakewood Roshei Hayeshivos,Reb Shlomo Miller, Rav Heinaman and many others , but he's quick to point out the חסרונות of others.

    1. he always had the information to back him up, even if you disagree with him. no comparison to just bashing without knowing any details.

    2. Far from the truth. Much of his information is second hand and conjecture. You are right there is no comparison, Eidensohn has no problem being מבייש any תלמיד חכם whom he sees fit. Eidensohn has a din of an apikores because of his blog. Eidensohn takes sides against any agunah no matter who is right. Eidensohn will never admit he's wrong even if it's so obvious. He has no problem putting out private e mails and private information that will cause צער and עגמת נפש to others. He has no problem trusting papers like the ny post and daily news for his information. As long as he can bash another yid he's for it. And he is calling out someone else that doesn't fully investigate before he posts! Like you said, there is no comparison!

    3. There are plenty people in Lakewood who have no problem bashing rabbonim. Just look at the whole Westgate shul issue! Rabbi f had to publicly humiliate himself by putting out a robocall after "people" used his name to spread lies. A Bais din paskened and were totally ignored. A Rov is spoken about by some "people" as being a hired employee just like the janitor. 2 choshuve, ehrliche brothers, one who is a Rov, are talked about using derogatory nicknames. Oh, trust me there's plenty rabbonim bashing in Lakewood.

  2. You ripped that picture of J2 off the Lakewood Pulse?
    Isn't that g'neiva?