Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Lakewood News 8 - 16 - 16

-A new home for Camp SCHI?

-Website takes a break  promises to make LAKEWOOD MEDIA GREAT AGAIN!

-LPD updates website ads be prepared page

-Tonight $250 VIP kumzitz for The Chilndrens center with Yehuda Green

Health News

-LRRC: It a crime not to immunize children  "Mayer Hoberman, executive 
 director of social services, said, “In a sense, it is a crime not to protect one’s  family against getting many preventable diseases like measles"

Kosher News

-Meat departments empty in some Lkwd stores since no shechita last week
-OU Ungers Barely infestation alert 
- Star-K recalls Corn sold in Lakewood


  1. LRRC not listening to daas torah? not vaccinating is not a crime!!

    1. Just because a person knows how to learn or comes from a certain family that represents Torah, does not make his opinion on such matters daas Torah. Especially if his daas on this subject is coming from his wife. It is daas Yochida, based on a feeling instead of imperical evidence. If everyone decided not to immunize there would be thousands of deaths. Whatever happened to the idea that kol yisroel araivim ze lozeh . We have a responsibility for everyone's safety. If a Rosh Yeshivas wife decides that immunizations are evil, she should talk to professionals before having her husband give a psak that immunizations are bad. Unfortunately we live in a time that even what someone decides is daas Torah should be taken with a grain of salt. What do you think rav moishe would have said? I can assure you he would have agreed with doctors and not snake oil salesmen .

  2. Not nice for center expecting people to pay $250 and plaster signs all over town when many cant afford it. If its VIP it should be an exclusive event.

  3. reminder
    cholov stam being sold at the new groceries, buyer beware!

    1. Beware. Chasidishe hechsherim products are being sold with bugs and worms. Be careful

  4. Shloimy's has a great special on 5 lb Bulk Franks for 19.99. Didn't see a shortage!