Monday, August 1, 2016

Lakewood dosent deserve mandated bussing

All across NJ, school districts provide state mandated busing for private schools but when it comes to Lakewood there is a different narrative. Its considered pandering, its undermining to underprivileged children, more misconstrued facts  and misinformation spread about the Orthodox community. They dont pay taxes they dont deserve courtesy busing, they are not an underprivileged minority bla bla. Another ignorant article by the "experts". The money allocated for the consortium is mandated already by the state. The bill only removes the control of the busing from the district to a consortium. The article calls on the Gov to veto it "Singer’s pander to the
Orthodox community in Lakewood undermines New Jersey’s urgent quest to provide equitable educational opportunities to underprivileged children. Gov. Christie, get out that veto pen."


  1. Misinformed, maybe. Devoid of valid points, certainly not. What are the answers to these questions posed by the article. Who handles the money? Will the consortium hire employees? How much will they get paid from public tax dollars? Will the consortium require facilities? Why are we suddenly trusting the people who got us into this mess, "A Private Consortium" with almost 17 million dollars???? Who in their right mind thinks that this "Consortium" with no legal status, with no oversight, we don't even know who they are, presumably the same people who've done such a bang up job with state funds in their schools, will responsibly administer these funds...with no kickbacks, no favoritism, no "No Show" jobs... I don't buy it.

    1. from what I understand the district will be in charge but they wont have control to threaten the private schools with cutting funding to busing.Its not new money its just shifting control from the state monitor and district to a consortium.

  2. Very misleading article it makes it sound as if the state is sending 17 million extra to lakewood.

  3. Seems like a union hack