Friday, August 19, 2016

"A shtickle Nechama" State Won’t Investigate Jackson Blockbusting Report

The State of NJ has said it won’t investigate alleged blockbusting in Jackson due to technical issues, micromedia reports "Council President Robert Nixon updated a packed house at the August 9 Jackson Township Council meeting. “For the time being, the State has deferred an investigation on technical grounds based on their interpretation of the State discrimination law. Our lawyers have been in touch with the federal authorities and their discussions will be continuing,” Nixon said. read more HERE


  1. This guy Nixon is an idiot. they won't investigate due to a "technicality" The technicality is that there is nothing illegal being done.

  2. If anything the state should be investigating Jacksons tactics to block a specific group from moving and making things difficult for a specific group. Why are the hateful Jackson Strong signs allowed without any limits but Sold signs are prohibited?