Thursday, August 18, 2016

A race against time to set up busing consortium

With school starting in just a few weeks the Igud hamosdos is moving fast to set up the busing consortium that will oversee all state mandated busing for private schools in Lakewood. Members were chosen for the  executive board and they will be voted on by the schools. Since the consortium is replacing all busing duties of the BOE, all logistical operations for private mandated courtesy busing falls under its control. Many questions remain as who will be in charge who will oversee the operation who can parents call etc. The consortium is also responsible for the bidding process. Read article below in last weeks Shopper.


  1. If you read between the lines it seems that they are planning on charging for courtesy busing. Maybe this year will be free but the plan is that the members of the consortium will keep the money.

    1. oh come on... maybe it actually costs money to have busses pick up your kids and bring them to school! this is for coutesy bussing that they may charge for not mandated bussing.

  2. Hey Mazal. He is a troll. That is somebody who posts something outrageous just to get a lot of responses.