Tuesday, August 9, 2016

$2,380,079.00 to construct T- hangers at Lakewood airport

The LIC is building airplane hangars for wealthy individuals who want to park their planes at the Lakewood airport. Ever since Monmouth airport is no longer open for that. From NJ news and views
-"Lakewood public and private businesses are continuing to fight for their company's lives in the township's industrial parks, which were developed in the 1960s and 1970s to provide residents with a new source of employment after Lakewood's decline as a tourist destination. 
In 2011 Lakewood Industrial Commission (LIC) director Yisroel (Steven) Reinman received correspondence from Victor Iorio, owner of a business located in the Lakewood industrial park. In his correspondence, which many other business owners in the park also signed, Iorio told Reinman that public policy permitting schools to open in the industrial park increased the cost of doing business there. Iorio said that while he supported the education of school children, their presence in the park exposed companies doing business there to greater liability risk. The business owners threatened to leave Lakewood, according to Iorio's correspondence, which NJ News & Views
reported five years ago. In response, LIC members hired a part-time assistant to research the how much tax revenue the township stood to lose if the industrial park's remaining tax ratables left. A reporter for NJ News & Views requested to inspect the report under the Open Public Records Act (OPRA), but was denied access to it. That was then.

This year, Reinman's commissioners approved a lucrative multi-million-dollar contract with Iorio Construction to build T-hangars at the airport. The July 13, 2016 LIC meeting agenda reported a $171,441.00 change order, increasing the amount of Iorio Construction's contract from $2,208,638.00 to $2,380,079.00. After receiving a copy of the final meeting agenda under OPRA, a reporter asked LIC part-time employee Anita Doyle in an e-mail request for comment if Iorio Construction had any previous experience building airport T-hangars. She did not respond for comment. 
Aviators that use the airport's new T-hangars will have to take any other business they seek to conduct somewhere else, thanks to the failure of committeemen to adopt an ordinance at their July 21 meeting that would have amended the township zoning map by designating an airport business commercial zone district on it."
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  1. Harold HerskowitzAugust 9, 2016 at 8:58 AM

    Some airport history many of you may not know.
    The airport was originally a private enterprise owned by Lawrence Bathgate, a powerful Lakewood attorney and good friend of Bob Singer. When the Airport was failing, MR. BATHGATE had Mayor Singer propose that the town buy the Airport for millions of dollars. They both profiled handsomely from the sale and the town has been stuck with a losing proposition ever since. This has been our legacy. Instead of projects and ideas that could create jobs, recreation and bring a better quality of life to our residents, we have been in a constant cycle of doing favors for a few powerful people instead. That started with Singer, and continues through the oversight of Meir and Menashe. Ray Coles and Mike Delia remain silent as long as the they get what they want from the Strand Theater, Blue Claws etc. Aisik Akerman is a single voice, and he tries to change things politically, but there is no time left for deals and negotiations. The town is a festering sore covered by an old dirty band aid. It cannot be peeled off slowly anymore. We must rip off the band aid and pour some serious medicine on this wound if we want to heal. Six years ago we started something. I gave up in frustration. In those six years taxes have doubled and lakewood is not the town most of us wanted to live in. Let's make a few small changes for the better. If doing what is right is a threat to some people, I am sorry.

  2. Those who read but don't comprehend vus shtait.
    In a sentence: They threatened to leave - were awarded a multi million dollar job.
    I am not suggesting anything illegal.
    You rub my back I rub yours.
    I have no clue but is the Lkwd airport so busy?
    Will this money be recouped through more commerce at the airport?

  3. why does the LIC have control to spend our hard earned tax dollars?
    who appointed this committee. They already blew it with the blueclaws lease.

  4. Some of the members serving on the various township boards and commissions are not Lakewood residents. There is no accountability or transparency and the township committee just look the other way.

  5. A new terminal in Lakewood Airport? What bubble are these people living in? They're in their own little world. I think we should just give them a passy and put them to sleep.

  6. The Lakewood airport should have been closed long ago. They should have turned the area into a school zone. It pays no taxes anyways, and would be a better option for schools instead of destroying the industrial parks and taking away tax revenue. All the schools could be in a general area which could save on busing. The reason the airport was not closed is because some people are make a living off of it. Sometimes small sacrifices need to be made for the greater good.

  7. Hangers in your closet. Hangars in the airport.