Sunday, July 24, 2016

Video: Townsquare tonight Lakewood's growth within and beyond its borders

 Agudath Israel's New Jersey director, Rabbi Avi Schnall was interviewed by WOBM's Townsquare Tonight. He covered topics like the positive impact of the growth of Lakewood's Orthodox Jewish community into surrounding areas, how to coexist with neighbors, and the often misunderstood issue of "courtesy busing".


  1. What excuse is there to build in Lakewood anymore? There is no longer a need. There are apartments and home rentals available in Howell, Toms River and Jackson as well. We are at full capacity.

  2. Avi. Its obvious your a politition.
    Thomas should be interviewing real every day people and ask them questions. Not to polititions. Avi does not represent Lakewood nor did anyone who OK him to do so.

  3. Avi
    You mention that "we" would love to get to know out neighbors. Really avi? Besides saying hello and have a great day ,what else did you want from them
    I doubt you really want to get to know your neighbors because if you would you would use the example of "I say good morning/evening. There's a lot more to bring a freinfly neighbor then just saying good morning. Why does the friendship stop there

    1. Luz shoin up. Rabbi Shnall debunked many myths and lies often said about the community. We need more people to counter all the falsehoods and media lies often spread about lakewoods' orthodox community.

  4. He debunked nothing, NADA.
    He polished everything with his political mouth. NP one voted him in so he should not be representing the oilam