Sunday, July 31, 2016

Video: Lakewood Zoning board meeting

A Passionate speech about the quality of life 2:30:50
We need rentals people cant afford houses in Lakewood  2:55:30


  1. Developer is coming back with combo office tower and conference hall (Simcha hall), heading to planing hoard one of these weeks, won't need "big variances" should go thru despite whatever protests there maybe be. Day and night constant traffic.

  2. Simcha hall would need a variance. Also, the planning board should vote it down. Finally, office building is better than an apartment building.

  3. What an arrogant prick of an attorney, because his client overspent on the property does not justify further destroying a neighborhood.

    The claim that the area was "planned" for high density does not hold water, it is already high density and saturated. High density doesn't mean you can build the twin towers there.

    As far as making it personal, mentioning peoples names in his closing, is making it personal (typical lawyer doublespeak).

    As far as children moving to surrounding towns, due the complete mess that people like him have made, the next generation will move there anyway.

    Young couple buying houses prefer not to live with the complete mess that has been made of Lakewood.

    No one in their right mind would thing that a 6 floor 140+ unit apartment complex on County Line Road, benefits anyone other then seller.

    Sorry if his client loses some money, don't like to see anyone lose money, but the whole town doesn't have to pay for his mistake.

  4. Who are the "Town Fathers" that Abe Penzer was referring to in his testimony? Is there an elected position in Lakewood called "Town Fathers"?

  5. So happy that it was denied and what arrogance and Chutzpah. They couldn't care less about anyone and quality of life. Bunch of bullies !

  6. Pay to Play at its WORST,The fineschmeckers pocket LOADS of cash and the taxpayer picks up the Tab. Folks, has anyone checked their Tax bill recently, Quite an increase!!!!