Monday, July 25, 2016

Lakewood Zoning board meeting tonight.

ZONING BOARD OF ADJUSTMENT JULY 25, 2016 7:00 pm  at the municipal auditorium     
Appeal # 3965 – D & L Management, East County Line Road, Block 104.02 Lot 9 OT Zone.  Use variance to construct stacked townhomes.

Appeal # 3960 – Brookside Equities, Cherry Street, Block 189 Lots 135 & 168, R-10 zone.                 To construct a duplex on a 10,722 square foot lot where 12,000 is required.
Appeal # 3970 – Success Homes Capital, 800 E. County Line Road, Block 226 Lot 1- R-10
                            Zone.  To construct a duplex on an undersized lot – required 12,000 – proposed
                            9,926. Requesting subdivision for zero lot line.
Appeal # 3966 – Newport Estate, LLC, Newport & Bellevue Avenue, Block 496 Lot 2, Block
                            498 Lots 1 & 10 and Block 501 Lot 1.01, R-40 zone.  To construct single
                            family homes using the R-12 requirements.
Appeal# 3874AA – Rishon Associates, LLC, Block 490 Lots 6, 9 & 41.   Amend site plan for
                            building coverage of 35% where 30% is allowed.
Appeal # 3967 – Congregation Maalos Hatorah, Chestnut Street, Block 1159 and 1159.04
                            various lots. Use variance and preliminary and final major subdivision for the
                            construction of duplex housing units with basement apartment and synagogue.
Appeal # 3968 – David Donner, Block 189 Lots 173 & 175, 603-605 Ocean Avenue, R-10
                            zone.  Use variance for 2 duplexes and a single family home.
Appeal # 3973 – Evelyn Vago, 1536 Prospect Street, Block 490 Lot 7, M-1 zone.  Use variance
                            to construct 3 duplexes
Appeal # 3969 – Yeshivas Ohr Yissochor Academy, 350 Cross Street, Block 529 Lot 1
                             Block 530 Lot 1, R-40B Zone – Use variance to construct a new school
                             building and gym.
Appeal # 3971 – KG Investments, 742 Ocean Avenue, Block 548 Lots 66, 281, 282, OS zone
                            Use variance for an office building and catering hall.
Appeal # 3974 – S. Greenes, 346 Hope Chapel Road, Block 2 Lot 23.01, R-40 zone. To
                            construct a single family house with variances requested.
Appeal # 3975 – GM Trust, 12 Courtney Road, Block 137 Lot 9, R-10 zone.  Request to
                             construct a handicapped accessible addition needing bulk variances.
Appeal # 3976 – Robert Klein, 48 Carey Street, Block 105.07 Lot 32, R-7.5 zone. Use variance
                            for a duplex on a 9,240 square foot lot where 10,000 is required.
Appeal #3978 – Gefen Construction
Appeal # 3951A-525 Chestnut, LLC, 525 Chestnut Street, Block 1159 Lot 41.01, R-20 zone
Appeal # 3979 – CG RR Properties, LLC, Parkview Avenue, Block 1021 Lot 2, HD-7 zone.
                            Use variance for a triplex.
Appeal # 3980 – Joseph Sebbag, Hope Chapel Road, Block 2.01 Lots 14.01-14.05, R-40 zone.
                            Use density variance for 6 single family lots that are 15,028 square feet to
                            24,043 square feet where 40,000 is required.
Appeal # 3981 – Joseph Rosenbaum, 837 East End Avenue, Block 208 Lot 176, R-10 zone
                             To construct a duplex with variance requested for side yard setback.
Appeal # 3982 – Moses Stern, 402 Laurel Avenue, Block 548 Lot 1, R-7.5 zone. Use variance
                             for a duplex on a 9,500 square foot lot where 10,000 is required.
Appeal # 3983 – Samuel Dancinger – 652 E. 7th Street, Block 223 Lot 22, R-10 zone.  To
                            construct a single family home requesting variances for 2 front yard setbacks,
                            required 30 feet – proposed 25 feet.
Appeal # 3984 – Moshe Neiman, 1183 Buckwald Court, Block 27 Lot 1.07, R-12 zone.  To
                            construct a single family dwelling with side setbacks of 9 feet and 11 feet
                            where 10 feet and 15 feet are required.
Appeal # 3917 – Primeland Holdings, James Street, Block 366 Lot 1, M-1 zone.  Resolution to deny a use variance to allow duplexes and an existing commercial warehouse to remain on site.
Appeal # 3947 – Elad Gebus, Oakland Street & Cherry Street, Block 189 Lots 128, 180 & 181
R-10 zone.   Resolution to approve 4 duplexes.
Appeal # 3958 – Success Homes Capital, Pine Street, Block 855.01 Lots 21, 34.03, 36 & 37,
M-2 & R-20 zone.  Resolution to approve a use variance to construct 7 single family homes.

Appeal # 3959 – Moshe Lankry – 409 1st Street, Block 73 Lot 6, R-OP Zone. Resolution to approve a use variance for a 4 family house.
Appeal # 3961 – Tower Builders, 415 E. 5th Street, Block 236 Lot 19, R-7.5 zone. Resolution to approve a duplex on an undersized lot – required 10,000 square feet – approved 9,888.
Appeal # 3964 – Madison Holdings, LLC, Block 236 Lots 23 & 24, R-7.5 Resolution to approve deny a use variance for a triplex.


  1. The olam is asked to come down to town hall and show support for yeshiva or Yissocher who desperately are in need of a new facility. PLEASE COME HELP A YESHIVA.

  2. What time is the our Yissocher application being heared?

  3. What about westgate? Our own went down to fight against a shul and a makom Torah and our leaders were silent, can we expect better from others who are now fighting against yeshivas and shuls?
    We are our own worst enemies.

    1. There we go, it's been a good few days since we mentioned westgate. Mafia, corrupt rabbis, corrupt people, the whole world is coming to an end...

    2. Westgate has a heter from a anonymous posek allowing mesirah and to publicly fight against anything at the township.

    3. Yes. Westgate will continue to be brought up and mentioned. While others would like the issue to fall away and be buried, We will not be silent until the ugly stain is removed. Its an issue that is nogea to this very day. hundreds of children sit home on shabbos and don't come to shul because there is no room. Father's can't daven were they would like to because of a lack of space. Ladies have no ezras nashim to come to on shabbos. only one shul is above ground no one else is permitted to build. The residents who are not part of the wg shul are davening in crammed moldy basements stuffed like sardines. This insanity could be stopped but the local leaders just look away.
      It comes down to a few well connected askanim holding an entire tzibbur hostage only to fulfill the sick desire of power and control.

  4. It's #8 on the agenda can take a while the first one on county line is a big one.

  5. What type of yeshiva is ohr yissocher? Cheder ? Mesivta? Who runs it?

  6. Wow we actually had a few days break from hearing about the mafia in Westgate.

    1. Nice of you to enjoy your own little corner while hundreds are suffering with no adequate facilities. You can have a break while many mishapachos have no seats in shuls and their wives only get the late mikva appointments. Be happy with your lot.

    2. Hey we feel for you. But its pretty silly for you to think that making comments here and calling everybody vthe mafia will solve your problem. If you can't get Rabonim and Rosh Yeshiva on your side then you have a problem. Rabonim and Rosh Yeshiva get involved in every silly thing today ,so if you can't get them on your side ,it sounds like they are against you and there must be another side to the story that we are not hearing. The way you describe it ,I could get almost every Rov and Rosh Yeshiva to be on your side.

    3. You are obviously clueless in your assumptions, but nice try. The psak din holds enough water on its own merit. As far as your assumption that everyone should be on this side, Welcome to lakewood.

    4. If it's not happening to ME then I'M ok! Btw what's your issue with commas? Leave them out if you've no clue how to use them.

    5. actually you chose to live in westgate knowing what the builder planned for there. you should have seen these problems of overcrowding in the shul and mikveh from miles away.

    6. No I'm not ok. All I'm saying is that its silly to think that your mafia comments here are going to get you the relief you are seeking. And that clueless or not,its still a little strange that you can't get any Rabonim to take your side of what seems such an open and shut case according to your description

    7. Yes this i forsaw Anyone with a half a brain knows how communities turn out. All shuls in growing areas expand or build new structures. What I didn't forsee was how kinah sinah gaiveh and power can corrupt people to stoop to the lowest of the low. Something you would expect from outsiders fighting against religious institutions, but never fun unzereh.

    8. At least ten years ago, it was obvious what was going to happen in wg. You chose that life, because you thought it would be cheaper

  7. It all comes down to who you know and how well connected you are. If your on the master plan committee then you can do what you want and build a shul while at the same time denying another shul just so you can use the property.

    1. That Westgate askan was not seen at that sneaky masterplan committee meeting does that mean he's not part of it.

    2. Let them put up a huge tent in the Westgate park and all the basement ships should davenport there.The ladies can also save not in the tent ezras noshim and the girls can sing loud (only up to age 12) in another tent.

    3. What is the point of lining up names of rabbonim and roshei yedhivs if the westgate mobsters belittle their own rav publicly equating him as a hired Janitor.Yes those are the words that come numerous times out of the executive director of a mosad. Its a nebach on Rav Zimbal that he's a victim of the mob too.

    4. girls who are over 12 and can't sing, can play in the basketball court

  8. If he was a victim he would leave. There are plenty of other shtelles. I can't imagine he is getting a million dollar salary.

  9. Hello. You don't get it. These people can't call all Rabonim and R Malkiel names. Nobody will listen to their names. If you get R Malkiel and choshive Rabonim to sign a paper saying you are right , then you won.

  10. Can't get Rabbonim to back us up? Huh? I guess beis din doesn't count. Rabbi forsheimer doesn't count. Neither do Rabbi shachar or shulgasser. If there is any rov who is backing up these hooligans, he is not worthy of his title.

    1. lakewood rabbonim are currently preoccupied with saving YiddishKeit in Moscow, France...

      I heard some Belgium and South African rabbonim are flying on a private jet to London to meet and discuss how to create shuls and mikvaos in Lakewood.

  11. Zoning board meeting is jammed come support

  12. So you are saying that 'Rabbi Zimbal is arguing with the other Rabonim and Rav Malkiel is not getting involved ?

    1. No one is arguing they are just letting the bullies run the show. I heared Rav Malkiels Gabbai, Lemberger was not letting people get through regarding this issue.

  13. Zoning board meeting is jammed come support

  14. Ohr Yissocher application postponed to August 1st.

    1. who cares about anything else. all we care about is westgate!

    2. Someone is getting nervous when westgate is brought up. I wonder who.

    3. No reason to be nervous everything that is done is leshem shamayim. On the contrary they should be very proud of it.

  15. The lack of long term planning means that the existing infrastructure is supposed to bear the burden of the growth that the developers are making a fortune off. In a healthy plan, those developing the residential structures ought to pay a share into new and expanded community facilities such as shuls and schools. You can't use "Lakewood"as your selling point, make a mint and then leave the tzibbur in the lurch without adequate facilities!

  16. planing board rejected the building at Larson office complex