Monday, July 11, 2016

Lakewood Zoning board meeting tonight

ZONING BOARD OF ADJUSTMENT                                                 JULY 11, 2016              
AGENDA                                                                                              7:00 P. M  

Appeal # 3917 – Primeland Holdings, James Street, Block 366 Lot 1, M-1 zone.  Use variance
                            to allow duplexes and an existing commercial warehouse to remain on site.
Appeal # 3947 – Elad Gebus, Oakland Street & Cherry Street, Block 189 Lots 128, 180 & 181
                           R-10 zone.    4 duplexes
Appeal # 3958 – Success Homes Capital, Pine Street, Block 855.01 Lots 21, 34.03, 36 & 37,
                            M-2 & R-20 zone.  Use variance to construct 8 single family homes.
Appeal # 3959 – Moshe Lankry – 409 1st Street, Block 73 Lot 6, R-OP Zone. Use variance for
                            4 family house.
Appeal # 3961 – Tower Builders, 415 E. 5th Street, Block 236 Lot 19, R-7.5 zone. Proposed
                            duplex on an undersized lot – required 10,000 square feet – proposed 9,888. 
Appeal # 3964Madison Holdings, LLC, Block 236 Lots 23 & 24, R-7.5 Use variance for
Appeal # 3965 – D & L Management, East County Line Road, Block 104.02 Lot 9, OT Zone. 
                            Use variance to construct stacked townhomes.
Appeal # 3960 – Brookside Equities, Cherry Street, Block 189 Lots 135 & 168, R-10 zone.                                     To construct a duplex on a 10,722 square foot lot where 12,000 is required.
Appeal # 3970 – Success Homes Capital, 800 E. County Line Road, Block 226 Lot 1- R-10
                            Zone.  To construct a duplex on an undersized lot – required 12,000 – proposed
                            9,926. Requesting subdivision for zero lot line.
Appeal # 3966 – Newport Estate, LLC, Newport & Bellevue Avenue, Block 496 Lot 2, Block
                            498 Lots 1 & 10 and Block 501 Lot 1.01, R-40 zone.  To construct single
                            family homes using the R-12 requirements.
Appeal# 3874AA – Rishon Associates, LLC, Block 490 Lots 6, 9 & 41.   Amend site plan for
                            building coverage of 35% where 30% is allowed.
Appeal # 3967 – Congregation Maalos Hatorah, Chestnut Street, Block 1159 and 1159.04
                            various lots. Use variance and preliminary and final major subdivision for the
                            construction of duplex housing units with basement apartment and synagogue.
Appeal # 3968 – David Donner, Block 189 Lots 173 & 175, 603-605 Ocean Avenue, R-10
                            zone.  Use variance for 2 duplexes and a single family home.
Appeal # 3973 – Evelyn Vago, 1536 Prospect Street, Block 490 Lot 7, M-1 zone.  Use variance
                            to construct 3 duplexes
Appeal # 3969 – Yeshivas Ohr Yissochor Academy, 350 Cross Street, Block 529 Lot 1
                             Block 530 Lot 1, R-40B Zone – Use variance to construct a new school
                             building and gym.
Appeal # 3971 – KG Investments, 742 Ocean Avenue, Block 548 Lots 66, 281, 282, OS zone
                            Use variance for an office building.
Appeal # 3972 – Andrew Green, 910 Woodland Drive, Block 12.04 Lot 99, R-12 zone.  To
                            construct a deck 8 feet from rear property line where 20 feet is required.
                            Variance requested for shed.
Appeal # 3974 – S. Greenes, 346 Hope Chapel Road, Block 2 Lot 23.01, R-40 zone. To
                            construct a single family house with variances requested.
Appeal # 3975 – GM Trust, 12 Courtney Road, Block 137 Lot 9, R-10 zone.  Request to
                             construct a handicapped accessible addition needing bulk variances.
Appeal # 3976 – Robert Klein, 48 Carey Street, Block 105.07 Lot 32, R-7.5 zone. Use variance
                            for a duplex on a 9,240 square foot lot where 10,000 is required.


Appeal # 3949 – Moshe Blech, 135 Forest Drive, Block 12.01 Lot 8.  Resolution to approve the construction of a single family home with side yard setback of 10 feet each side.
Appeal # 3950 – Yechezkal Eider, Forest Drive, Block 12.01 Lot 24. Resolution to construct a single family home with variance for side yard setback approved for 10 feet on each side.  
Appeal # 3955 – Obed Gonzalez, Florence St. & Evergreen Blvd. Block 1093 Lot 10, B-5 zone.
Resolution to approve a use variance to construct a duplex.

Appeal # 3952 – Lakewood Investment, LLC, James Street, Block 344 Lots 1.01 & 1.02.  Resolution to approve a use variance for duplex housing.


  1. Board members should be barred from seeking approvals during the term of their service.

  2. there's a rumor going around that one of the big developers (who's currently building a lot of houses) is going bankrupt... any truth to this?

  3. At least he is honest just throwing it out there I dont know if this is legally possible. Could it be that a lot of the llcs might have one of the members as partners.

  4. Whatever ended up happening with the shul in Westgate? Did it ever get resolved?

    1. yes it was resolved.
      resolution taking a page from Spain in 1942. All prayers should be held below ground in stuffed and suffocating conditions. Heaven forbid, if a Triangle Shirt Waste Factory event repeats itself, it will be reminiscent of an auto-de-fe.
      Exceptions were made for some powerful and well connected individuals, that for the time being, they and their cronies may keep their above ground shtiebel and night club.

    2. Thank you to a few powerful well connected individuals, children across westgate sit at home shabbos morning waiting for their dad to return from shul so they can sit next to him when they daven at home. Included in these powerful people are heads of mosdos, Rabbonim, Handymen, Otzar head librarians, askanim, double talking politicians etc who are committing a despicable act of the enemies of klal yisrael are known to commit. Its schocking how this was and continues to be allowed in Lakewood.

    3. Dont call it westgate call it Sdom. How does Rav Zimbal let this go on in his shul? it is the members of his kehila that are doing this avla to the entire westgate hijacking all communal resources for themselves from womans mikva to controlling public parks not allowing benches for older people to sit on, no lighting so its dangerous at night. No other shuls can be built.Fathers and children are davening in dabgerous conditions. How does Rav hisiger from Prospect let this go on? how does Mandel from toras menachem let this go on? why isn't anyone stopping m. weiss from Tiferes.

    4. spain in 1942? don't you mean 1492? (not that 1942 was all that great. that francisco franco guy was a real jerk.)

  5. So the James st project was defeated and the integrity of the industrial zone was kept. Why would anyone desire to live under such conditions?

  6. Rabbonim wont stop anything The fact that nothing was done until now is an outrage. That shuls are not allowed to be built, that public mikvaos are used as a private entity all these is know facts and the rabbonim either have no power to stop or just dont care. Its up to the silent majority to storm the streets to storm the homes of rabbonim and community leaders and say enough is enough.

  7. So go storm. Who is stopping you.

  8. Same people who are stopping the building of a shul

    1. Are you saying there are people who are physically stopping you from entering the Rabonnims houses? That doesn't sound right to me.

    2. Yes. one of them even slapped someone in the face when he approached Rav Zimbal to discuss a specific matter. Secondly they dont have to physicaly stand in the way when they use underhanded tactics scaring the rabbonim and corrupt gabboim who lie and feed false information to roshei yeshiva as was done here specifically with harav malkiel Kotler shlita. A Gabbai refused a certain Rav and Dayan from reaching the RY. This Gabbai used to live in westgate and is doing dirty work for the mob abusing his position.

    3. It's not what you know it's who you know. Besides for reb malkiel's personal gabbai having lived in Westgate, the Westgate mayor is also very close to the rosh yeshiva

  9. Is it true? The westgate maffia reached out to members on the township boards, what is the connection between the westgate Mayor and committeemen Miller and Lichtenstein pertaining to many issues in westgate are there any backroom deals going on? dig a little more yould be surprised.

  10. No street lamps in certain streets making it very dangerous, Streets changed overnight to one way without speaking to residents, stopping shuls and other shenannigans.

  11. This sounds like nonsense. I can give you every Rovs and R Malkiels cell phone number and you don't need a gabai to get through. They pick up the phone themselves.

  12. Every Rov and Rosh Yeshiva in Lakewood is fully accessible and you can talk to them for as long as you want. What you are saying is that all the Rabonim and THE RY are corrupt and only you are right. Sounds weird to me

    1. Unfortunately a lot of what goes on in Lakewood is totally corrupt and just as unfortunate is the fact that the rabbonim and roshei yeshiva are often well aware of all the corrupt goings on and can't/don't/won't do anything to take a stand against all the corruption

  13. Any time you call R' Malkiel's, either in yeshiva or at home, you get a voicemail stating that he's not available and either leave a message or call rabbi Lemberger (also on Westgate payroll?!)

  14. Ask the rabbonim who called and Lemberger did not let them through

  15. I don't get it! Why can't rabbi Zimbal stop the Maffia regarding the building of the shul? Why doesn't he just issue a letter as official Rov of Westgate, telling the Maffia to back off and let them build?

    1. The maafia pays his check if hedoes it they will fire him. He is a victim here just like the rest of Westgate. As MW boasts "rabbi Zimbal is hired just like a janitor" FEH! at least now you see who your dealing with when they disrespect and belittle their own rav and hes nebach beholden to them. Same with the PP rav but he is beholden to the westgate mayor and the mob of the kletzk shteeble for promoting him.

    2. So how do we get rid of the Maffia once and for all?!

  16. BMG is undertaking to start assisting all shul building Moscow, etc.
    I guess that makes it into the papers, as opposed to helping some local kehillah, which wouldn't be such a sensation.

  17. You are insulting Ranbi Zimbal. No choshuveh Tov would allow his congregants to commit mafia tactics just so he can get a paycheck. There are other paychecks available and you are making him sound like a total criminal who just cares about his check. I don't buy that. He is not getting paid a million dollars that he can't pick himself up and leave if he doesn't agree with their tactics. Obvioulsly he agrees with them.

  18. Maybe it's time Westgate got a Rov who is willing to stand up to the bullies and take charge rather than just being a puppet

  19. Maybe its time people stopped insulting a choshive Rov.

  20. Maybe it's not enough for the Rov to be choshuv - maybe he also needs to stand up to the bullies. You wouldn't expect your child's principal to stand quiet and let someone constantly bully your child, even if the principal was a choshuve principal! So why is this any different? A bully is a bully is a bully is a bully.