Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Lakewood Planing board public meeting tonight

Lakewood Planning board Draft Agenda HERE for Tuesday July 19 at 6:00 pm in Township Municipal Building - Auditorium
1. SD 2138 10 James Street Associates, LLC
 James Street Block 416, Lots 5-7

Minor Subdivision to create 4 lots
2. SP 2181 River 1161, LLC
 River Avenue Block 1064, Lot 4
Preliminary and Final Major Site Plan for an addition to an existing grocery store
3. SP 2190AA Bais Medrash of Medina Road Inc
 Medina Road Block 189.07, Lot 4
Change of Use/Site Plan Exemption to convert and existing house into a
4. SD 1810A Jonathan Rubin
 Ocean Avenue Block 244, Lots 11-15
Amended Preliminary and Final Major Subdivision to create ten lots
5. SD 2070A Adil Homes, LLC
 East County Line Road Block 190, Lots 72 & 73
Amended Preliminary and Final Major Subdivision to create thirty-eight lots
6. SD 2134 Linda Wajsbort
 Hudson Street Block 108, Lots 3 & 15
Minor Subdivision to create 3 lots
7. SD 2142 Congregation Kol Aryeh
 Hope Chapel Road Block 24.04, Lot 5
Minor subdivision to create two lots
8. SD 2119 1495 East Spruce, LLC
 East Spruce Street Block 855.01, Lots 26 & 29
 Preliminary and Final Major Subdivision to create seven lots
9. SD 2117 Yechezkel Pam
 New Central Avenue Block 11.02, Lots 9, 10, & 27
Preliminary and Final Major Subdivision to create 5 lots
1. SD 2147 DYA Investment & Development Group, LLC
 Miller Road Block 11.03, Lots 2 & 90.03
Preliminary and Final Major Subdivision to create 7 lots
2. SP 2191 Yeshiva Even Yisroel
 Neiman Road Block 251.03, Lot 29
Preliminary and Final Major Site Plan for a school trailer 
• SP 2059AA – request to utilize synagogue full time rather than weekends only as
originally proposed
1. SD 2140 Yeshaya Ackerman
 Ann Court Block 187, Lots 84 & 100.05
Minor Subdivision to realign lot lines
2. SP 2170 Ketan Mehta
 Route 70 Block 1160.01, Lot 256.02
Preliminary and Final Major Site Plan for a hotel
3. SD 2125 Mark Properties, LLC
 Providence Avenue Block 1051.09, Lot 4
Preliminary and Final Major Subdivision to create 5 lots
4. SP 2176 Cedarbridge Equity, LLC
 Boulevard of the Americas Block 961, Lot 2.01
Preliminary and Final Major Site Plan and Minor Subdivision for an office building
5. SD 2135 Congregation Kol Aryeh of Lakewood, Inc.
 Hope Chapel Road Block 26, Lots 8 & 8.01
Preliminary and Final Major Subdivision to create 3 lots and a cul-de-sac
6. SP 2180 Congregation Somerset Walk
 Canary Drive Block 830 & 830.04, Lots 1.06 & 30.01
Preliminary and Final Major Site Plan for an addition to an existing synagogue
7. SD 2136 Aaron Finkelstein
 Somerset Ave Block 189.31, Lot 153
Minor Subdivision to create 2 lots
8. SD 2123 Thomas Rosenberg
 Highgrove Crescent Block 223, Lots 4 & 83.03
Minor Subdivision to create 3 lots 
9. SP 2062 Yeshiva Ruach Hatorah
 Ridge Avenue Block 189.03, Lot 35
Extension of a Preliminary and Final Major Site Plan for a school campus
10. SD 2076 Joan Hertz
 Miller Road Block 11.01, Lots 3.01 & 4.08
Extension of a Minor Subdivision to realign lot lines
11. SD 2051 Lakewood Associates, LP
 New Hampshire Avenue Block 1600, Lot 5
Extension of a Minor Subdivision to create two lots
12. SD 2078 Nathan Lowinger
 Park Terrace Block 208, Lot 152
Extension of a Minor Subdivision to create two lots
13. SD 1977 Shimshon Bandman
 Linden Avenue Block 189.01, Lot 189
Extension of a Minor Subdivision to create three lots
14. SD 2028 Michael & Rivka Wenger
 Princeton Avenue Block 147, Lot 1
Extension of a Minor Subdivision to create two fee-simple duplex lots
15. SD 1963 Nachman Taub
 Read Place Block 855.02, Lot 26
Extension of a Minor Subdivision to create two lots
16. SD 1949 Aaron Finkelstein
 Congress Street & Bruce Street Block 250, Lots 2-5
Extension of a Minor Subdivision to create six fee-simple duplex lots
17. SD 1983 Hendi Friedman
 Towers Street Block 855.03, Lot 25
Extension of a Minor Subdivision to create two lots
18. SD 2063 Eli Schwab
 Joe Parker Road Block 189.16, Lot 157
Extension of a Minor Subdivision to create three lots
19. SP 2192 Lakewood Industrial Commission
 Airport Road Block 1160, Lots 220, 242, & 246
Courtesy site plan review
20. SD 2049 Paramount Developers
 Ridge Avenue Block 223, Lots 89 & 90

Vacation of approval 


  1. When's Westgate coming back on the agenda?

    1. Perhaps in the summer when the Rav goes away to Camp Agudah But the maffia may stage a coup.

    2. Genuk shoin mit westgate, NO ONE CARES, not about "the mafia" or any other accusations you spew, get over it or do something constructive about it, just writing against various Rabbanim and individuals on this blog won't help your cause.

    3. If you DONT CARE, why are you even bothering to reply to the post?! Obviously you realize that the whole issue is riddled with problems.

    4. The camp bnos choir will be allowed to sing for the boys of camp Agudah as long as they do it in a tent.

    5. abyone who complained about the choir was ostrecized from the community. People went to complain to Rabbonim and Roshei yeshiva about the heter to have girls sing in public and they were met with the shrug of the shoulders. But those who let 12 year old girls sing in public are now screaming tznius.

    6. abyone who complained about the choir was ostrecized from the community. People went to complain to Rabbonim and Roshei yeshiva about the heter to have girls sing in public and they were met with the shrug of the shoulders. But those who let 12 year old girls sing in public are now screaming tznius.

  2. Time to start writing address locations instead of lot numbers

    1. google lakewood nj tax map, put in block and lot, click the map option and you'll see where it is

  3. Maryland requires all proposed developments to post a copy of plan (3'by 4')in front of every site,including all contacts for interested parties. All Planning, Zoning and Council meetings,including workshop mtgs. are taped and online within days for all to see and partake in the future of their Lives. Lakewood and other pay to play towns work behind the scenes to benefit the FEW and Screw the Many. No thought whatsoever goes into our SHRINKING and Outdated infrastructure. MOST towns in NJ require developers to PAY for infrastructure,St. lites,widenening Rds,extending sewer and water lines... and in Lakewood ,the Taxpayer PAYS and PAYS

    1. Every developer in Ocean County including Lakewood pays for water and sewer lines ,street lights in any new streets they create , widening roads in front of their developments and paying traffic and drainage fees for future work if you are fronting on a County road. You can legitimately complain about the township without lying and making it sound as if the taxpayer pays for these things in Lakewood.

    2. If only the township would have done the same.....

  4. You Westgate guys are losing any sympathy we might have for you by constantly writing the same stuff and basically saying that all the Rabonim are corrupt. If you can't get The Rabonim to stand up and do something then maybe you are wrong.

  5. If you're that naive it's really sad. No one has any issues with the rabbonim on the Bais din who didn't back down or bow to pressure. It's the rabbonim who either said they're not getting involved but got involved anyways, or, the rabbonim who wrote a letter and then changed the letter SIX times because the other side pressured, that are the problem. If you're "losing sympathy" then you're obviously not living in Westgate and having to deal with the life there!

  6. No one in westgate is looking for sympathy all they want is to tell the truth and to publicize the wrongs and avlas that are going on there to this very day. Its time the entire Lakewood is notified of this stain on our ihr Hatorah.
    A group of bullies are holding an entire community hostage controlling all aspects of of communal and social well being.
    1. The Mikva Nashim is used as a private club were members of the WG vaad get to make early appointments 3 days in advance while the rest of the peasants only get the late appointments/

    2. Only one shul may be built above ground to comfortably sit members of the WG vaad maffia and their families. A total of 180 seats. The other 2000 peasants are forced to daven in basement shuls stuffed like sardines in subhuman dangerous conditions.

    3. If the peasents dare to open a shul and expand or build they are met with forceful resistance from the WG mob who pull rabbis out of hats who are on the payroll and beholden to the mafia.

    4.Hundreds of children sit home shabbos morning because their totty has no room next to him in shul. Yet the mob members have full tables for their extended mishpacha.

    5.innocently collecting membership money from gullible renters while not providing a seat to daven in other perks that only go to the exclusive club.

    6. Publicly shaming their own Rav equating him as a hired janitor

    7. Non stop redifos against other rabbonim in westgate and mispalelim who dont cow-tow to the rule of the mob. Looking to restricting minyanim and simchos from taking place in other shuls

    8. mesira to the govt on existing shuls and other kehillos not bowing to the vaad demands.

    9. Allowing a girls seminary to move into a residential block with many older boys living there no concern about parking tznius or other issues. Yet when a shul wants to expand these same "Rabbonim" are the first to yell about parking and tznius.

    10. You would expect this from a anti semitic town somewhere but this is happening right now in Lakewood. Nebach a few individuals with control issues can manipulate rabbonim and bully others while perpetuating this avlah against an entire kehila.
    just the begining..more to come

    1. As commented above, your not gonna fix anything by constantly complaining about the same things on an anonymous blog, go do something about it or shut up, your whining here isn't working, and it just makes you (whoever you are) look and sound like a bitter idiot.

  7. The one dovor hashoveh with the westgate machloiksem is that it's altz l'shem shomayim.

  8. You are again saying that Rabonim are corrupt. Take those Rabonim to din Torah. But don't keep bashmutzing Rabonim anonymously. That is not the Torah way. If you have taynos go to a bais din and let the bais din decide.

    1. They IGNORED a psak din. Yes the Rabbonim made a total mockery of the din Torah.

    2. The point isn't to c"v bashmutz the rabbonim. The point is to open people's eyes to the disgusting, corrupt behavior of some people in the ihr haTorah - people who have the attitude of, "it's not MY problem so I'M ok"!

  9. I live in West gate moved in a few years as a renter ago I never got a seat nor did i feel comfortable or accepted. I daven in Lutzk i feel welcomed there and have a seat to daven they are expanding to accommodate the growing crowds..

  10. So we outsiders are supposed to believe an anonymous blogger that a group of Rabonim are corrupt and the blogger doesn't want to take them to Din Torah. Right.

    1. Yes stop being so naive. The blogs rule today, its unfortunate but that is where people have to go to bring their case when there is no honor system left anymore.
      If a Gabbai at Rav Malkiels house is part of the mob and denies and lies about the facts pertaining to westgate what do you expect people to do?
      If the Westgate Mayor and the mob reach out behind the scenes to planing board members prior to the hearing what do you expect people to do?
      If A Bais din issues a psak only to have it ignored by the Rabbonim and Mikva board members where do you expect people to go?
      Its hard to believe that this is going on but this is exactly what is going on.

  11. Its hard to believe that you took Rabonim and Mikvah board members to a Din Torah and they sat by the Din Torah and then said they will not listen to the psak. Please post a copy of the ksav siruv that you got when these Rabonim decided not to listen to a din Torah that they agreed to go to. Today every disgruntled Baal din posts anymously that the other side doesn't listen but the facts are not always so. . You are basically saying that the whole world is corrupt except for you.The Rabonim and Rav Malkiel are all corrupt according to you. Rav Malkiel,is not so naive to not personally hear the sides of a story. You don't need his gabai. You can knock,on his door uninvited and get in to talk to,him mist times. If he us not available you come back the next day.

  12. Stop putting words in my mouth. The rabbonim are being fed lies and distorted facts by people they trust which they base their decisions on. Anyone can go to the RY but the point is how the maffia works with underhanded tactics trying to control and manipulate.
    Its hard to beleive bla bla bla.. get your head out of the sand. There is no ksav siruv here You are obviously clueless and naive to the facts as to what is going on. The facts remain a psak din was ignored by rabbonim askanim in westgate. The mikva board which is part of the westgate vaad so far has not accepted any of the psak din. Ask Greenspan from the bais havaad where he stands on it. Ask R' Hisiger why he continues to ignore the psak din and fight against another shul on many fronts. Ask Rabbi Zimbal how he can let his mispalelim and the vaad do what they are doing with out publicly putting a stop to all this.

  13. I don't know these Rabonim and I don't have to ask them. I'm not putting words in your mouth. You are saying Rabonim are corrupt because they are naive or stupid to believe lies. Basically what you are saying is that if you don't like what a group,of Rabonim are doing you just say they are stupid for believing the lies fed to them and then poof, you never have to respect Rabonim because you can always say you are smarter than them ,and they nebach are fools who believe lies. So anybody can dispute any Rabonim he wants to by saying they are either corrupt or stupid or naive and there are powerful people feeding them lies. Its your tight yo say what you want but you can't expect us to buy that. Take 'Rabbi Zimbal to a din Torah if you think he is wrong. I can not believe he will not go to a din Torah if he is called.

  14. Let me ask you a question. If you were an outsider and a group of Rabonim took a position on an issue , and then an anonymous blogger calls them naive or stupid for being fed lies , who would you believe. The Rabonim or an anonymous blogger. If you have the whole Westgate with you except for 180 people,it shouldn't be too hard to get 500 or 700 people to sign a petition with their names to ask 'Rabbi Zimbal to go to an outside din Torah to resolve your complaints.

  15. You are spinning the issues and twisting words. Yes I have an issue with Rabbonim who IGNORE a psak din. So does the Torah or any Yirei shomayim. There are no two sets of rules here. Throwing around the word "anonymous blogger" is not making your case any stronger. Facts are facts as is. How about the anonymous rabbonim who are hiding behind their beards who gave heterim for mesirah and arkaos does that not bother you? NO because they are on YOUR team. so cut it out you are a anonymous blogger who couldn't care less about the plight and suffering of thousands of children and famalies living in westgate.

  16. I don't live in Westagate and know nothing about the issues. For all I know you might be 100 per cent right. We just can't allow people to anonymously call Rabonim naive and stupid in order to,make their case. With that behavior we are doomed. Everybody will be allowed never to,listen to any Rabonim by saying they are naive and being fed lies. Where does it stop. You never have to,listen to a psak din,because you can claim that the dayan is naive and was fed lies. No,psak halacha means anything because you can claim the Rav was fed lies. Unless you are willing to,openly take these Rabonim to a din Torah,which is your right ,you will have to put up with the situation. Nobody will listen to anonymous people who call Rabonim naive and stupid. Come out and challenge them in a din Torah or keep quiet. That is the Torah way. Anonymous pashkevilen like yours are the mafia way

  17. Every anonymous pashkevil claims to have the facts on his side. If you really have thousands of people suffering and on your side,it shouldn't take more than an hour to collect the signatures to be mazmin the Rabonim,involved to a din Torah and resolve this like Ehrlich yiden do. If you can't get anybody to openly side with you ,it doesn't sound like to many people really care.

  18. The only one calling Rabbonim Naive and stupid is you mr. Anonymous. But like the left always do is put words into other peoples mouths and than call them out on it.

  19. The anonymous people here are the Rabbonim who are hiding anonymously behind bullies and other gangsters. Secondly, they already went to a din torah and rabbonim ignored it. People wont listen to a psak bais din not because they dont trust the Rabbonim, they wont listen when they see other Rabbonim OPENLY IGNORE A PSAK DIN.

    The Torah way is to listen to a psak bais din.

    The Torah way is not to use a public mikva for your private perks.

    The Torah way is not to masser to arkaos on a shul who wants to build.

    The Torah way is not to be rodef rabbonim and an entire kehila who didnt accept your self imposed rule.

    The Torah way is to build more and more shuls to provide a place to daven for fathers and children.

    The Torah way is not to stop any shuls from being built in order to protect your sick power of control.

  20. How come it's a geferleche avla for people to call rabbonim stupid and naive (which no one actually did) but it's fine and ehrlich to tell people that your Rav is hired just like a janitor? Or to call the choshuve Rav of a different shul and his brother by derogatory nicknames in public? Or to physically assault people in a shul? Or to come into another shul and start screaming at the people there? Of course it goes without saying that it's all being done leshaim shomayim so it must be ok. It's totally hypocritical!

  21. Whoever said any of those things are correct to do. I didn't do any of those things. Nor do I know anybody who did. So you are saying because you found some people who did bad things ,you can also do bad things ? That is not the Torah way. Two wrongs do not make one right. It might be hypocritical for the people who do bad things but its not hypocritical for us outsiders to say enough with your bashmutzing of Rabonim and go resolve your problems in a Torah way. If the other side would be on here bashmutzing Rabonim I would tell them the exact same thing.

    1. I dont live in wetgate... bla bla ..us outsiders...
      I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you. You wont fool anyone with your attempt to portray yourself as an outsider while your intentions are so transparent trying to cover up for your Ropshits buddies.

  22. You seem to be saying that because you see some people that you feel took the lie road ,so you can also do that. I guess there is no,point in responding anymore because you believe you can do whatever it takes to accomplish your goal ,just because you feel others have done wrong things you can also

  23. Mr. Anonymous outsider why change your name. What was wrong with Alumnai Bais Eliyohu?

  24. I feel sorry for you. You can't take any criticism. So you have To resort to calling people names and liars. I don't think I have visited Westgate more than once or twice in 25 years and I have no idea where ropshits is. Its a city in eastern European as far as I'm concerned. Stop calling people names and take a little time out to accept some mussar from somebody who know nothing about this parsha. I already said you,might be 100 per cent right but you are wrong in how you are dealing with it. Very wrong and hurting your cause more than you are helping it

    1. YOU fooled no one me. Your previous comments on wetgate in other posts are striking to your drivel here. I dont need you "to help my cause". Why do you have to lie and pretend your an outsider and know nothing about Rpschitz? mit a muhl you decided to comment out of the blue? gimme a break.

    2. The world is out to get you. You better go hide somewhere safe. I think I see the westgate mafia at your front door they are coming to take you away.

    3. Shows how clueless you are.

  25. Can we see the names of the dayyanim who hastened? A link to the paperwork of the messira?
    I would like to hear a clear version of this story

  26. Come on come all!! to the Asifa on Thursday in Westgate support and share the burden of the Kupas Tzedaka of Westgate. Rabbi Zimbal will be the guest speaker Rabbi Ruvain Halpern will give the introduction.

    Send WEstgate teens off the streets off to camp.

  27. Is this fund for ALL WG residents or only for paying members?

  28. Only for mafia

  29. Who is in charge of the funding will some money pay for the legal fees to stop the building of shuls in Westgate

  30. Kids are kept home every shabbos by not having a shul to go to.
    Kids are on the streets being Mechalel shabbos on a weekly basis in Westgate driving cars and smoking in public Where are the askanim then??? now they want money to control and buy off a few members? If they cared sooo much about kids on the streets they would cut out all the garbage of fighting other shuls, of spreading machlokes in westgate, of denying kids a place to daven.

  31. It's all leshaim shomayim don't forget.

  32. So sad money collected for legal fees to fight against shuls could have sent many kids to camp or spent on constructive matters rather than destructive matters.

  33. thank you so much westgate askans for taking care of my family. My Totty has a nice seat in shul and room for me to daven. My Mommy gets to go swimming early in the spa, and now i can even go to camp. I just feel bad for all my friends who dont have seats in shuls and dont get sponsors for camp.
    Thank you.